A successful festival in difficult conditions


The weather was a crucial topic at the 128. Travemuende Week. The rainy summer 2017 with its storm fronts did intervene with the happening ashore and on the water. The weather had a deep impact on the number of visitors at the Travemuende Week. The good opening day was followed by a rainy Saturday. The low pressure system Alfred did hit even harder on Tuesday. Rain at first, then storm gusts from the East and finally danger of flooding did result in cancellations of the sailing program and the closure of the festival mile in the evening. The weather for the start of the second TW weekend was also not good, so that the Travemuende Week had to be satisfied with scarcely 700,000 visitors in the end. The changes in the concept of the festival were well in place during the course of the week and appealed to the visitors. And the race committee did manage an almost full program despite the challenging conditions.

The stream of visitors of course has an influence on the showmen and exhibitors, and it was not easy for them this year from the economic point of view, explained Uwe Bergmann from the marketing agency uba from Hamburg. But the number of guests is not the only criterion to judge the festival's success. The length of the stay and the use of the offer from the guests are important. "And we can see, that the new offer in the Bruegmanngarten after the adjustment at the beginning of the week, was received well. The guests did enjoy it and spent time on the seat opportunities", said Frank Schaerffe, Managing Director of the Travemuender Woche GmbH. The isolation of the beach avenue by the Holsten Beer Garden did bring the wanted guidance of the visitors to the area of the Stadtwerke Luebeck Festvial Garden. Broad slabs on the pathway did enable also disabled people to access the lawn area.

Next to that, the new central festival stage at the marine pilot station was in the focus of the observers. A central point for the party guests had been created here, providing direct access to the Holsten Beach Area at the beach. The area did prove to be suitable for this despite some disadvantages (missing roof, sloping spectators' area) towards the Bruegelmanngarten. The reallocation of the concert area could have been organized on demand.

Thus the general course for the organization of the Travemuende Week in the upcoming years has been set. Constructive criticism from guests and official bodies are being taken into account for the evaluation of the TW and planning for the next year. "We are learning from each Travemuende Week. And if some areas did suffer for example from the fact, that the Stadtwerke Luebeck Festival Garden was well received, we will take that into account for the concept", said Undine Heider from uba.

Regarding the traffic, the TW responsibles see a big need for action. The road construction measures on the Autobahn did cause major traffic jams especially during departure, which might have been a reason for potential guests - especially from the area around Hamburg - to miss out on visiting the TW. The parking situation cannot be really explained anymore. "With the increased building development on free areas in Travemuende, there is less parking space close to the event area. This year, it has been already 250 places, next year we are talking about another 250", stated Schaerffe. "I do not dare to think, what will happen, if a part of the Leuchtenfeld will also not be available anymore. This area is urgently needed. We already have seen this time, what happens, when the weather is good in the evening hours: Many cars have been parked wild - far into the residential areas." Politics and administration now have to take over. The alternative parking space Dreilingsberg will only work, if a proper park and ride service is established. "If there are no appropriate parking spaces close to the Trave promenade and the beach avenue, Travemuende will have a clear competitive disadvantage in comparison to other health resorts", said Schaerffe.

The Travemuende Week will continue to meet the challenges in the future and take up trends and wishes from the visitors. The current concept is good, but the framework conditions could be better. The final analysis and evaluation will be done after the TW with the important bodies from politics, economy, marketers and the Travemuender Woche GmbH.