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TW finals: Hobie Tigers and Wild Cats crown world champions – Closing firework display for the end of the 124th Travemuender Woche

07/29/2013 11:33:00

“The 124th Travemuender Woche was a perfect rehearsal for our big anniversary in 2014, when the Travemuender Woche celebrates its 125th year. We had ten fantastic days with great weather and lots of sun. The newly installed SAP Sail Cube, which enabled the public to watch the sailing action, was an absolute asset this year. The sailing action with commentary broadcasted on the large screen and live online brought the visitors onshore up close to the fascinating sport. The newly built seating facilities, which were provided by the town of Lübeck, turned the beach promenade into a real sailing theatre. The explanations and analyses for the sailors of the individual races rounded off the offers of the new technology partner SAP perfectly” concluded Dierk Faust, the Chairman of the main organizer of the Travemuender Woche, the Lübeck Yacht Club. “Whereas the wind conditions created a few difficulties for us here and there”.

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Two world championship showdowns – Hobie 14 and Dragoons congratulate their world champions; fan mile pulls out all the stops

07/28/2013 08:57:00

The wind seems to be a late riser. For the third consecutive day, the races scheduled to start at 11am today had to be postponed. Absolutely no wind! The sea breeze then picked up at 12:30pm, just enough for the boat classes that had their final day at the TW. They had to start their races at 2pm. Then the world champions were decided.

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boot Düsseldorf Weather Forecast - Sun, 28.07.

07/28/2013 08:50:00

Morning and midday mainly sunny. Earlier afternoon sees clouds approaching from the W. They can lead to showers later… probably after 15 LT… late afternoon / early evening still seeing a weak risk of thunderstorms slipping along. Prob: 20%

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First world championship winners crowned in Travemuende – Seven more boat classes welcome in the final weekend

07/27/2013 09:07:00

With a total of 13 boat classes on ten regatta courses, most classes sailed at this year’s 124th Travemuender Woche today. The final weekend is approaching. An unusual looking couple stood at the top of the podium for the F16 catamarans: there is a 40-centimeter and 40-kilogram difference between the twelve-year-old Henri Demesmaeker and his experienced bowman Jeroen van Leeuwen (31) from Belgium. The two only recently started sailing together but the unlikely pair made an impressive performance in Travemünde.

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boot Düsseldorf Weather Forecast - Sat, 27.07.

07/27/2013 08:58:00

Fog or very hazy conditions will improve in the morning hours latest after 9 LT. Later morning still seeing clouds but sun tries to come out successfully. During the day it will be mostly sunny, afternoon sees more cumulus clouds developing but staying dry. Further inland could see some rain drops later.

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TW half-time: Wild Cats show their claws, volunteers celebrate, and Torfrock rock Brügmanngarten in style

07/26/2013 09:23:00

It’s half-time at the TW and that also means new classes started storming across the ten regatta courses of the Travemuender Woche. To say they stormed on the courses was the wrong expression, at least this morning. After six days of the Travemuender Woche, the wind seemed like it needed a break – the races were postponed due to the absolute calm! Then finally at 2pm the race director Walter Mielke looked a bit less worried and made the longed for announcement: “next possible start” at 3pm!

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boot Düsseldorf Weather Forecast - Fri, 26.07.

07/26/2013 08:58:00

Fog will disappear in early morning, then still cloud sheets will pass maybe with some very few rain drops. After that morning session sees clearing in the sky and increasing chance for sun. Besides hours of sun there is development of new (cumulus)clouds mainly over land. Shower probability is 10%, over the sea it stays dry.

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Saxe must accept seventh defeat in the Volksbank Rotspon Cup – Family achievement in the Trias class and vicious Tigers on the SAP Media Race Course

07/25/2013 10:11:00

At 12.15pm the race director pulled out the green flag on the Trave promenade: this was the signal to start the first race of the Volksbank Rotspon Cup – the mayoral race boat against boat in the match race format. But Susanne Gaschke was already far ahead of the starting line – a significant false start for the Mayor of Kiel. “We were very unsettled because it happens quite a lot”, she explained later on the jetty. All the way back behind the starting line – that cost time. Time that Lübeck’s mayor, Bernd Saxe, took advantage of.

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boot Düsseldorf Weather Forecast - Thu, 25.07.

07/25/2013 08:56:00

Becoming more friendly again. Then longer sunny periods, but development of larger cumulus clouds mainly over land. They have risk for showers, very few risk for a local thunderstorm cloud. Over sea it looks for a litte bit more sun. Morning session sees maybe still some W- to S-ly breeze – but very light. It will disappear. Then temporary no wind. Basically there is chance in case of more sun for a very weak sea breeze pattern close inshore on single courses (Alpha, Foxtrott, Sailing Arena, Hotel) – but it will be also very light and unstable.

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Finns and O-Jolle classes elect winners - WC for Hobies get underway

07/24/2013 08:42:00

“There was very strong competition at the start. Any one of the first ten sailors could have won”, said Ralf Behrens from the Wolfsburg Yacht Club Allertal, the winner of the Finn Dinghy class. “In the end, the stronger wind today benefitted me, allowing me to hold Karl-Heinz at bay, who was too close for comfort”. Karl-Heinz is Karl-Heinz Erich from Freudenberg, who ended up in third place. Last year’s winner Martin Hofmann from the Hemer Canoe-Sailing Club was second.

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