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07/28/2014 11:38:00

Synop 06:00 LT and development: Flat high pressure is located across the North Sea - high pressure has stretchte a ridge across the German Bight towards Jutland - and is weather active in the area of Travemünder Bight- flat low pressure stretches from S-thern Germany and Poland across Bornolm towards Sweden - the Travemünder Bight is positioned inbetween with a weak NNE-ly pressure gradient in the morning - the gradient shifts towards NE and increase a bit during the day - the wamr and humid air has been replaced by dryer and more stable air - with only very slight risk for local showers today ( ~ 10%).

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125th TW: A week of top-class sailing

07/28/2014 10:28:00

On the morning of the final day of the Travemuender Woche 2014, rain and calm approached the Bay of Lübeck. It was a stark contrast to a perfect week of sailing with eight days of sunshine, wind and waves, which was more than adequate for the 125th anniversary. In this respect, the short-cut final also fitted into the picture – the sun appeared again at midday – otherwise the sailors and organisers would not have wanted it to come to an end. Walter Mielke, who is passing over the reins as head of the regatta to Brian Schweder after 17 years, and his right-hand man Gerd Gurgel could look back on the week happily, even though only the Nacra 17 class headed out onto the water today.

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"Simply a perfect week" – World champions crowned at the Travemuender Woche and Daniela Schadt as a guest on the fan mile today

07/27/2014 10:05:00

One more day – just one more day – is left of the 125th Travemuender Woche. "We had planned to celebrate this year's TW in a very special way. And we succeeded. It had been a long time since we had so many championships on the water and there were also many highlights on the shore. This includes the daily laser and fire show from the Passat, the combination of sport and culture with the concert of the Schleswig-Holstein Music Festival and the SAP Trave Races, which have shown top-quality sailing, particularly in the races of the 1st National Sailing League on Monday. That was the best advertisement for the sport of sailing – particularly here in Travemünde. I would once again like to hint at the possible Olympic bid for the Hanseatic City of Lübeck. Simply a perfect week", summarised Dierk Faust, chairman of the Lübeck Yacht Club.

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weather report July 27

07/27/2014 08:27:00

- A flat corridor of Low pressure (1012-1013 hPa) stretches from the Northsea across Schleswig-Holstein towards Sachsen (SE-Germany) - with a flt Low-center across the Northsea and another one across Sachsen - Schleswig-Holstein sees only very few pressure gradients today - ahead of the trough-axis, there are some chances for building some light NEE- ly breeze until midday … when sun shines effectively also some chances for sea breeze - may be evening sees insetting light NW-ly breeze on the backsid of troughaxis (chances: 10 → 40%)

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Final weekend of the 125th Travemuender Woche ushered in – Arrival of Sunshine4Kids

07/26/2014 09:03:00

Friday, 25 th July: A family double victory determined the action on the seventh day of racing at the Travemuender Woche. At the TW in its 125th year, Nik Willim from Schleswig could not only celebrate victory in the Laser Radial class but also the title win in the Germany Junior Championships. His father Andreas took the winner's trophy in the Laser Standard. The winners are still to be decided for another three German title contests (Nacra 17, 505s and J/22) as well as the European Championship in the Tornado and International 14 classes and the World Championships in the O'pen BIC and Yngling classes. The medals for these classes will be awarded at the weekend before the anniversary TW heads into a one-week extension in the coming week with the World Championships of the 420 class.

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Title celebrations at the 125th Travemuender Woche – 450,000 visitors half-way through the event

07/26/2014 08:58:00

Thursday 24th July: "We have had many guests here, especially during the first weekend. There were 20,000 music fans at the festival stage in Brügmanngarten alone – and we still have a fantastic final weekend ahead of us, which we are very much looking forward to", said Frank Schärffe, managing director of Travemünder Woche gGmbH.

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weather report July 26

07/26/2014 08:11:00

- Flat Low pressure has spread from S-thern Germany towards the Baltic coastal areas - low pressure centers with L1012 hPa across Emsland (NW-ern Germany) this morning - some pressure gradients are still present and stretching from the S-thern Baltic Sea into the Lübecker Bight in the morning and into midday - afternoon sees dropping gradients with increasing risk for weak and unstable wind pattern

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Wind, waves and a full race programme half-way through the 125th Travemuender Woche – Saxe wins the "Volksbank Rotspon Cup"

07/25/2014 09:20:00

The deciding race in the German Championships got off to a start half-way through the Travemuender Woche. The Contenders selected their nation's best with Volker Niediek from Lake Steinhude, on a day which brought waves, wind and a full race programme for the sailors in the nine classes that started. The organisers and athletes came back onto optimum water conditions for the deciding races of the TW after the stormy winds at the beginning of the week disrupted the race schedule. In addition to the Contenders, the Kielzugvögel also said goodbye to the 125th Travemuender Woche.

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Saxe and Kämpfer prepare for the "Volksbank Rotspon Cub" – Ynglings start their world championship round of the TW – Winners of the Finn Dinghy, F18, 18-Footer, O-Jolle and Trias classes decided

07/23/2014 11:42:00

He will be able to sleep well tonight. The mayor of Kiel Ulf Kämpfer is not nervous about making his debut in the duel for the "Volksbank Rotspon Cup” at the Travemuender Woche on Wednesday, 23rd July 2014 at 12 noon. “I'm looking forward to a great day and being able to experience and enjoy the much acclaimed atmosphere of the Travemuender Woche", says Kämpfer. The mayor of Kiel also has another first to overcome. He has never sailed on the historical A+R yachts of the 8 KR class. He is nevertheless looking forward to it and doing everything to win: "In addition to a very competent team, I will hopefully have the famous beginner's luck." Kämpfer does not have a vast amount of sailing experience. So far he has only been an "occasional but enthusiastic crew member."

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Norddeutscher Regatta Verein wins the second round of the 1st National Sailing League – Strong winds only permit races in the Dyas and the Kielzugvögel classes on the Pötenitzer Wiek

07/22/2014 09:26:00

The wind picked up sharply and most sailors of the Travemuender Woche paused for breath. On the third day of sailing at one of the most fantastic regattas in the world, the wind was just too good for the athletes and organisers. With gusts of up to 30 knots and a wave of up to two and a half metres high in the Bay of Lübeck, the race director Walter Mielke decided at 1 p.m. to call off all further day races in nine out of eleven classes. Only the Dyas class started its International German Championship and the Kielzugvögel used the "indoor" race courses in the protected Pötenitzer Wiek. In addition, the 1st National Sailing League completed its final day of the second competition of the season on the SAP Media Race Course.

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