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Guest from the Far East takes the trophy

07/29/2016 11:09:00

Many attempts, not much gained. The general weather situation at the Travemuender Woche 2016 with not much pressure difference in the North of Germany is nerve-racking for sailors and race committee. Leaving the harbour, starting, cancelling the race, returning to the harbour and waiting, waiting, waiting. Only a few classes were rewarded for their patience on Thursday.

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Hannah Anderssohn won the Laser Radial. picture:

Laser girls beat the boys

07/28/2016 10:19:00

While the political prominence has been fighting to win the six litre bottle of Rotsporn at the fifth regatta day of the Travemuender Woche, the sailors on the race courses out in the bay of Luebeck have been competing against each other to win a title and gain important points at the championships.

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Breuer claims victory in tricky winds

07/27/2016 07:50:00

Duels on the water are the particular highlight of the Travemuender Woche - and very welcome for athletes, organisers and spectators. But duels of wind systems are the enemy of the sailing sport. And this fight did mess up the sailors's program on Tuesday. Too much sun and heat ashore were the problem.

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Josh Metcalfe/Mille Alcock are in the lead of RS200 class.
The contender podium.

Billerbeck wins in idle mode

07/25/2016 19:28:00

And every hour calm air: The third day of the Travemuender Woche was a continuous series of the same patterns for race director and sailors, starting with the meeting in the morning at 8:30am until the afternoon at 3pm. The regatta responsibles around overall race director Brian Schweder did meet every or every second hour just to realise there would be no sailable wind in sight.

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An impressive program on the first sailing weekend

07/25/2016 08:05:00

The sun is a reliable partner of the Travemuender Woche on the first regatta weekend. It supported the light Easterly winds also on the second day and a full program with two to three races for seven boat classes on three triangular courses could be sailed. So the Travemuender Woche in its 127. year is right on target and did manage to sail already 61 of the planned 300 races. And the crowd of visitors is also going well. Taking the number of expected guests in the evening into account, around 300,000 guests will have visited the festival on the first weekend.

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Max Billerbeck from Kollmar in his Contender is still having the victory in sight. Credit

Consistent performance as the key to success

07/23/2016 21:20:00

Sunny, warm - light winds, sometimes a bit of thermal wind: This is the way, the first race day at the Travemuender Woche 2016 did present itself. Almost perfect conditions for the overall race director Brian Schweder and his crew on the four race courses, who sent out today the offshore yachts as well as the junior Laser sailors for their International German Youth Championship and the Finns, Contenders and Trias for the ranking regattas.

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Selected wines and live concerts

07/18/2016 14:05:00

Selected wines in the Wine Carée and an Italian Piazza in a enlarged rondel - and a Gipsy Village with a mixture of Roma and Sinti food, music and adventure are waiting for the visitor to explore, when wandering along the beach.

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SAP presents Showraces in the afternoon

07/18/2016 13:42:00

Close to the audience are the SAP Trave Races. There will again be a small time frame for show races on the narrow race course on the river Trave in the afternoon. Spectacular boat classes will be presenting themselves here.

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Emotional highlight and party zone

07/17/2016 13:59:00

It is a fixed part of the program already: the emotional highlight of the Travemuender Woche with the fireworks at the final day of the event on Sunday, 31. July around 10:45pm. The music will be played synchronously. The colourful shower of sparks can be watched from the esplanade or the beach - and there might even be people moved to tears when watching it.

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National decisions for Laser youth and masters, J22 and Musto Skiff

07/17/2016 13:21:00

It is almost a good tradition to have the German Junior Championship of the Laser classes at the Travemuender Woche. The junior classes of the Olympic Laser will be coming to the Luebeck bay for the third time in a row.

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