Team from Flensburg is Lübecker Segelmeister

Premiere of a new format as part of the Travemünde Week: the Lübeck Sailing Master of the Lübecker Nachrichten and Stadtwerke Lübeck. In five compact races within less than two hours, the new title holders of this format were determined. In the end, the Flensburg Sailing Club had the bow in front and was crowned the first Lübeck Sailing Champion.

It remained exciting in the new format until the end. After the fourth and penultimate race, there had been a change in the lead. The Kiel Yacht Club fell back to second place and delivered an exciting race with the team from the Flensburg Sailing Club and tackled until the end. The Flensburg team kept their nerve, sailed extremely actively against their opponents and won with a two-point lead over the Kielers. “The format is great and fun. We always enjoy sailing in Travemünde, and it was good training for the Bundesliga races starting tomorrow,” said Flensburg helmsman Thore Kiesbye.

Third place went to the Hamburg Sailing Club, which took second place in each of the last two races. Four points separated the team from the runners-up.

The Lübeck Yacht Club narrowly missed the podium in its own club’s race. Although the club’s women’s team with navigator Clara Weimer at the helm was able to take victory in the last race of the event, it was only enough for fourth place in the end. The men’s team of the LYC led by helmsman Finn Schütt finished fifth.

Bringing up the rear was the “Police and Celebrities” team with Ilca 6 sailor and police commissioner Laura Schewe at the wheel, who will soon be competing at the World Championships in The Hague and has not yet lost sight of a ticket for next year’s Olympic sailing competitions in Marseille. Their crew included actor Simon Licht with his business partner Holger Ambroselli, with whom he is campaigning for more sustainability in sailing with the start-up Khulula. Marit Jung spontaneously joined the team on the forecastle. “We did a good job and were even first at the windward buoy in the third race, but they were excellent opponents, league teams, so well-rehearsed crews. We also had all good sailors on board, but in the end, crewwork and speed in the maneuvers are crucial. There is still room for improvement,” said Simon Licht after the races.

Travemünder Woche Regatta und Festival
IIn a very compact format of five races in just two hours of sailing, six teams from Schleswig-Holstein and Hamburg will determine the Lübeck sailing champion. Photo: