Frequently asked questions

Here you will find answers to the most frequently asked questions:

  1. Where is my boat mooring? Where can I stay overnight? I would like to camp or stay overnight with the camper.

    All info here under berths/accommodation

  2. How do I get to the regatta office?

    Address for the navigation system: Am Leuchtenfeld 4, 23570 Travemünde. This is where the regatta office is located. All further information concerning directions can be found here.

  3. I have a request relating to the classes.

  4. WHEN do the stands open at Travemünder Woche?

    The festival area opens daily at 11 am, the programme runs until 10 pm on weekdays and 11 pm on weekends.

  5. When will the Travemünder Week take place in the coming years?

    Here are the dates for the next few years:
    2025: 18.07.-27.07.
    2026: 17.07.-26.07
    2027: 16.07.-25.07.

  6. I would like to advertise. How can I do sports sponsorship?

  7. How can I rent a stand space? How do I become part of the festival program and perform?

  8. What is being done in terms of youth protection at Travemünder Woche?

    To ensure that everyone – especially our youngest guests – keeps a clear head on the Festival Mile, the following youth protection policies apply to vendors and guests:
    – For teenagers: No alcohol under 16 years!
    – Nothing high-proof under 18 years!
    – Beer, wine or sparkling wine may be consumed from 16. Know and respect your limit! Be yourself and don’t let yourself be pressured!
    – Especially dangerous: consumption of narcotics in combination with alcohol!
    – When partying, pay attention to friends and especially to the younger ones in the clique!
    – The child and youth protection and the security staff as well as the police are on the way as contact persons on the mile!
    – For young adults: Show responsibility! Do not provide alcohol to teenagers and do not give alcoholic beverages to teenagers that they are not allowed to drink yet!
    – For parents: Make clear arrangements your kids before theygo partying.
    – For traders and stand operators on the festival mile: Please strictly observe the valid laws regarding the protection of minors! Educate your sales staff about the regulations!


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