How to best get to Travemünde! For a relaxed journey to the seaside resort, we recommend using public transport, which is good for our environment and saves a lot of hassle when looking for a parking space, because during the Travemünde Week a large number of people flocks to the seaside resort.

Arrival by train

By train, the event site in Travemünde can be reached via the train stations Hafenbahnhof and Strandbahnhof. There is a half-hourly or hourly train connection to Lübeck main station. Current information on rail connections is available online at

Take a look at the special timetable here, to travel to the Travemünder Woche by train in a flexible manner:

Travel by bus

  • The bus companies LVG andStadtwerke mobil GmbH will offer additional services. On weekends (Fridays, Sundays, Sundays) during the Travemünde Week, the line 31 from Strandbahnhof in the direction of Lübeck ZOB runs additionally at midnight and 1 o’clock, on Fridays and Sundays also at 2 o‘clock.
  • There will be connections at Lübeck’s ZOB on weekend nights (Fridays and Saturdays) at around 1 a.m. and 2 a.m., and on the final Sunday, July 31, also at 1 a.m., with a group bus that will take passengers back to the city districts as needed.
  • Current information on bus connections is available online at

Extra buses to Travemünde Week

19., 20., 26., 27. and July 28

Bus Line 31010 amTravemündeZOB Lübeck
1 amTravemündeZOB Lübeck
2 amTravemündeZOB Lübeck
230 amTravemündeZOB Lübeck
Bus Line 3310pmTravemündeBad Schwartau ZOB
010 amTravemündeBad Schwartau ZOB
Line 40930 pmTravemündeScharbeutz train station
1030 pmTravemündeScharbeutz train station
1130 pmTravemündeScharbeutz train station
045 amTravemündeScharbeutz train station

July 21 to 25

Bus Line 31010 amTravemündeZOB Lübeck
Bus Line 3310pmTravemündeBad Schwartau ZOB
Line 40930 pmTravemündeScharbeutz train station
1030 pmTravemündeScharbeutz train station
1130 pmTravemündeScharbeutz train station

By bike

  • If you are travelling by bike: On you will find bike routes, bike rental stations, bike service stations and e-bike stations.
  • Cycling in the seasonal pedestrian zone “Vorderreihe” is prohibited all day for safety reasons due to the high volume of pedestrians. Alternatively, cyclists can use Kurgartenstraße. In addition, cycling is still prohibited on the Travepromenade and, from 15 July 2024, cycling is also prohibited on the beach promenade between Bertlingstraße and the Travepromenade, where the stands for Travemünde Week are located, for safety reasons.

By boat

  • Take the MS Hanse from Lübeck to the seaside resort: You can travel to Travemünde Week in comfort by ship. Click here for the current timetable.
  • In Travemünde, not only buses and trains take you to your destination, but also the Priwall and car ferries. Check the time schedule on

By e-scooter

You can also use various e-scooters to get around Travemünde.

By taxi

The Lübeck radio cabs offer a round-the-clock standby service for Travemünde (0451 81111). An additional cab rank is located in the “Außenallee” near the Brügmanngarten.

Arrival by car

  • If you decide to drive after all: Current information on free parking spaces is available online at . Parking spaces, especially for motorhomes in the town center, are already scarce due to the heavy domestic traffic. It is therefore recommended that you give priority to traveling by public transport, in particular using the Germany ticket in particular.
  • In order to avoid congestion and for safety reasons, many roads will be closed to traffic. In addition, Kaiserallee will be completely set up as a one-way street in the direction of Helldahl.
  • Information on disabled parking spaces can be found here:
    Additional disabled parking spaces will be set up in the street “Am Kurgarten”. In addition, severely disabled persons with the appropriate parking permit can also use the “Leuchtenfeld” parking lot (access via Trelleborgallee) free of charge and for an unlimited period of time.
  • Where to find e-charging stations in Travemünde? You can find an overview on the website of Stadtwerke Lübeck energie .

Finally, it should be noted that after the final fireworks display on July 28, 2024, heavy return traffic is to be expected, which will lead to longer traffic jams not only in the town center. It is therefore advisable to use public transport, especially at this peak.

CO2 footprint compensation

Your tree for a better climate balance!
Travel, party, have fun – and do something for the environment. It seems impossible to reconcile everything. But at least everyone can do something to improve their own carbon footprint.
In cooperation with the Schleswig-Holstein State Forests, the Travemünde Week offers the opportunity to offset your own carbon footprint.
Reforest a piece of forest with us at Taschensee near Pönitz! For just €3 we can have a young maple seedling planted.
Get your tree, or two or three, and contribute to the creation of a real Travemünde Week forest.
Here we offer all participants and visitors the opportunity to offset their CO2 footprint.