Cycling for sustainability

The Travemünde Week focuses on more sustainability at the event. Boat stickers, print products and plastic tableware, for example, are dispensed with. In addition, the starting signal has already been given to be certified as a sustainable event. For the first time, an e-bike with a trailer will also be used in the vehicle pool of the TW driving service.

“I’ve been thinking for years that our fleet of cars is not practical for every occasion and only partially ecological, and that’s why I suggested the idea of a bicycle with a trailer to the organizers of the Travemünde Week,” says Stefan Goes, who takes care of the transport service as a volunteer TW helper. “Manager Car Pool/VIP Support” is his job title during TW. Four cars from Autohaus Hansa in Lübeck and now also an e-bike with trailer are part of his TW fleet.

“We drive everything from the Coke can to the president of the association,” he says, describing the tasks of his teams. In his own company, he has been using a bicycle with a trailer for a long time. That would have worked very well. That’s why he’s pleased that his fleet of vehicles at Travemünde Week now includes a robust bicycle trailer from the Munich-based company “Hinterher” and an e-bike.

The organizers bought the trailer with space for two Euro boxes and rented the bike from the company “Cult.Bike” in Lübeck.

“We opted for an e-bike to relieve the riders of transporting luggage. The great look of the bike with thick tires for demanding terrain motivates you to use it. You can tell while riding that it comes from the Italian motorcycle manufacturer ‘Fantic’. Of course, my drivers think it’s great,” says Goes.

So far, the bike has been well received and used. “When the bugle failed on the green beach, a quick replacement was needed. The best way to do this was by bicycle, for example. And the e-bike was also used at the sponsors’ breakfast, as a means of transport for roll-ups, the LYC stand and marzipan,” says TW driving service manager Stefan Goes.

After the Travemünde Week, it will be evaluated how often the team has been used and what it makes the most sense for. In the coming year, the environmentally friendly means of transport will be tested again.

Travemünder Woche Regatta und Festival
When the bugle failed on the green beach, a replacement was quickly delivered with the new e-bike team. Photo: Stefan Goes