134th Travemünder Woche is opened

At the ceremonial opening of the 134th Travemünde Week there was a novelty: From their usual place on the Kraweel “Lisa von Lübeck” the dignitaries moved to the Überseebrücke and were thus closer to the visitors. State Secretary of the Interior Magdalena Finke and Minister of the Environment Tobias Goldschmidt represented the state government, Mona Küppers, President of the German Sailing Association, represented the sailing sport. Lübeck’s mayor Jan Lindenau opened the regatta and festival week at 6 pm with the traditional “Heißt Flagge”.

“Now there is a new, fresher face for the Travemünder Woche. It is a good start to look forward again in a fresh and cheerful way after we had two years that were somewhat bleaker,” Lindenau referred to the fact that the City of Lübeck stepped in to secure the Travemünder Woche during the Corona crisis and that Lübeck und Travemünde Marketing GmbH is now on board in the marketing of the Travemünder Woche. He emphasised the important significance of the event for the state and thanked the state government for its financial support.

Tobias Goldschmidt, Minister for Energy Transition, Climate Protection, Environment and Nature of the State of Schleswig-Holstein, also emphasised the importance of the Travemünder Woche in the state. “Whoever thinks of Schleswig-Holstein also thinks of the blue shimmering Baltic Sea and the many sailing boats on the water. The Travemünde Week is a flagship event for our region and the whole state. For decades it has attracted thousands of active sailors and hundreds of thousands of enthusiastic visitors from near and far. Sailing belongs to Schleswig-Holstein and is perfectly compatible with better protection of the Baltic Sea. Sailing is a beautiful and sustainable form of experiencing nature and would therefore also fit perfectly into a possible Baltic Sea National Park,” Goldschmidt emphasised. Regarding the criticism of the planned “Baltic Sea National Park”, he said: “The Baltic Sea has very many problems, and very few problems have anything to do with water sports. We have to protect the Baltic Sea by all doing something in the middle. In sailing, for example, we talk about how we wouldn’t like to see anchors being laid in seaweed beds.” According to him, sailing bans are not to be expected. “Sailing will continue to belong to Schleswig-Holstein like no other sport,” he said.

I believe that sailing is the most inclusive sport

Mona Küppers, President of the German Sailing Association

Mona Küppers, President of the German Sailing Association, is also concerned about the issue of the Baltic Sea National Park: “As the German Sailing Association, we are very worried that the establishment of a Baltic Sea National Park will result in bans that are not necessary. I think voluntary agreements make more sense here. Baltic Sea protection yes, bans no!” Küppers went on to praise the diversity of sailing: “The Travemünder Woche shows how diverse sailing is. From youth to sea sailing, everything is represented. Our sport can be practised by young to old. And we can adjust a boat so that everyone – even with a disability – can take part, and in such a way that everyone can act on an equal footing. I believe that sailing is the most inclusive sport there is,” says Küppers.

The 1st chairman of the organising Lübeck Yacht Club, Lutz Kleinfeldt, had high praise for the volunteer team of helpers at the opening: “Without the many volunteers who take extra leave to help at the Travemünder Woche – that’s around 350 people – this big event would not be possible.”

Sailing belongs to Schleswig-Holstein and is part of the Schleswig-Holstein identity

Only a month ago, Magdalena Finke, State Secretary in the Ministry of the Interior, Municipal Affairs, Housing and Sport, handed over a grant of 150,000 euros to those responsible at the Lübeck Yacht Club to support the organisation of the sailing regattas. “The Travemünder Woche is clearly one of the outstanding sailing events of the year. Its importance goes far beyond the borders of Schleswig-Holstein. That is why I am very pleased that we are able to support this great traditional event from the funds of the Future Plan for Sport in Schleswig-Holstein,” said Finke during the opening ceremony. Sailing belongs to Schleswig-Holstein and is part of the Schleswig-Holstein identity.

Frank Schärffe, Managing Director of the Travemünder Woche, emphasised the sustainability concept of the Travemünder Woche at the opening and mentioned the renunciation of boat stickers, printed products and plastic tableware as examples. In addition, the starting shot has been fired to be certified as a sustainable event in the long run.

Jens Kath, sports director of the Travemünder Woche, presented the sailing programme of the 134th Travemünder Woche. For nine days, athletes from 30 nations will be sailing off Travemünde for a total of four world championship titles, one European Championship title and four German titles. As in 2022, the Sailing Champions League will also hold its finals during the Travemünde Week, and the teams of the 1st and 2nd Bundesliga will also be on site with their races. In addition, there will be ranking regattas and show races on the Trave.