“Power of Love” for the TW finale

Sparkling images in the sky, tingling in the stomach, a treat for the eyes and ears: With the high-altitude fireworks under the motto “The Power of Love”, the Travemünde Week 2022 will be the emotional finale of the 133rd edition on Sunday at 10:45 pm. Edition of the most beautiful regatta week in the world set. Firework designer Mirko Lorkowski is thrilled that after three years he can finally stage a pyro and acoustic show for the Travemünder Woche.

“We paint pictures full of brilliance into the night, let sparkling waterfalls fall from the dark sky. It’s going to be a real goosebump fireworks show,” says Lorkowski, already full of emotion in the preparations. Eleven minutes should last the sky show, accompanied by the music “The Power of Love” and other songs that focus on the love between people. “It’s important to me that we all realize in these times that we are human,” Lorkowski said.

His tip for all visitors to experience the full pleasure of the show: “Look for a place near the pirate playground on the Nordermole. Then you will experience how the music and fireworks are precisely coordinated to the tenth of a second. Only then is it the full multimedia experience. After all, cinema doesn’t work without sound.”

The guests of the “Europa” do not miss this experience. Before setting course from Travemünde to Copenhagen, the cruiser will stop in Lübeck Bay to marvel at the fireworks.