Leevke and Ole are ready to go for the Travemünde Week

New key visuals on Priwall ferry and LVG public bus builds excitement for the event from 21-30.07.2023

World ahoy and the anticipation is growing! Only four weeks to go until the 134th Travemünde Wee kicks off with an all-round fresh cell cure. In accordance with the Tourism Development Concept for Lübeck and Travemünde 2030 (TEK), the fresh cells also include a new communication strategy, which Lübeck and Travemünde Marketing GmbH (LTM) has taken on in order to coordinate and mutually strengthen the two brands Travemünde and Travemünde Week in the future. As visible harbingers of Travemünde Week, the Priwall pedestrian ferry in the Travemünde estuary and an LVG bus on the route between Lübeck and Travemünde are currently on the road in the newly developed design. While the LVG bus can be seen on the streets immediately, the pedestrian ferry will take a few more days to complete. In both means of transport, “Leevke” and “Ole”, will be visible to build up anticipation for the sailing event, where world-class regatta sailing meets a hearty maritime folk festival for ten days.

“With the reorientation of the marketing, all those involved have succeeded in better marketing the sailing event to existing and new cooperation partners and thus securing it for the long term,” explains Sports Senator Monika Frank. “The permanent presence on buses and ferries and the positive aura of the two protagonists “Leevke” and “Ole” will strengthen the visibility and identification of this important event among the population.

“As the organisers of Travemünde Week, we are delighted with the new image and the great key visual,” says Frank Schärffe, Managing Director of Travemünde Week gGmbH. “With the branding of the Priwall ferry and the LVG bus, we have come a big step closer to our goal of making the new design visible on site and gradually anchoring the location and the event together – I would like to thank LTM and Stadtverkehr very much for this”. Andreas Ortz, managing director of Stadtwerke Lübeck Mobil, adds: “We are pleased to be able to point out the good public transport connections of the Travemünder Woche with “Leevke” and “Ole”. With the Deutschlandticket, the monthly ticket and the subscription you can not only use bus and train to Travemünde, but as a pedestrian you can also use the Priwall ferries without paying extra”.

“I am pleased about the new advertising spaces on the pedestrian ferry because they once again showcase the promenade as a unique selling point in Travemünde. You can commute between the Priwall and the Trave promenade and always have an eye on the events of Travemünde Week,” says LTM managing director Christian Martin Lukas. “Our greeting ‘World Ahoy’, which can be read on all advertising material for Travemünde Week, stands for Travemünde’s cosmopolitanism, as the seaside resort will once again be the host and international meeting place for around 1,500 sailors from all over the world. The new key visual shows “Leevke” and “Ole” as the friendly people of Travemünde, who in the blue shades of Travemünde ensure a perfect symbiosis of sailing enthusiasm and a good-humoured shore programme. Regattas are part of the carefree experience, as the waving mane of the young Travemünder “Leevke” or the wild, flowing beard of the Travemünder sea bear “Ole” seem to become a competition arena for small yellow sailing ships. The key visual will be used at all communication levels of the LTM marketing concept, e.g. as a poster motif, for website design and use in social media channels, as banner advertising, for branding of event areas and for the design of high-quality, regionally produced and sustainable merchandising products.