New innovative formats in its 129. year

The Travemuende Week has been a central event for years, if it is about testing new formats of the sailing sport, opening new ways of medialization and demonstrating how to handle wind and waves to a broad public. The tracking of yachts and dinghies, the TV medialization, the show races on the Trave and the sailing league format, which is a fixed part of the Travemuende Week since the beginning of the National Sailing League, are just some examples.  And the Travemuende Week remains innovative in its 129. year. Two premieres are being celebrated, the hosting of World, European and German Championships - and of course the classics like the offshore races, the show races and the duel of the mayors against their competitors from politics are a set part of the sailing event from 20. until 29. July.

Traditional or modern boat classes, young or experienced skippers, water sport athletes with or without disabilities. They all can find their field of activity at the Travemuende Week. Because the offer of 27 competitions on the nine race courses with athletes of more than 20 nations is reaching out to all aspects of the sailing sport.

There is no doubt, that the sportive focus is on the World Championship of the Vaurien as well as the European Championship of the Flying Junior. "International championships are strengthening the position of the Travemuende Week and are always a special challenge. Because the aim is to use the pool of experience to meet the expectations of the top sailors from all around the world.  We have the expertise in our race committee team and can provide a jury with international top-class cast.  This international networking also helps us in the future to bring high-class regattas to Luebeck", explained Brian Schweder, who is the overall Head of the Race Committee of the Travemuende Week and did set up the competitions together with the Sporting Director Jens Kath.  

However Brian Schweder himself has to miss out on the Travemuende Week. Family Schweder is fully concentrating on the recovery of their son, who is seriously ill, and seeking intensive therapy. The sport and the Travemuende Week have of course taken a back seat.  All employees of the Travemuende Week are behind the family Schweder and trying to support them morally.

As Principal Race Officer (PRO) Anderl Denecke will be the substitute, who has a lot of experience in managing top-class regattas and knows the Travemuende Week well. Besides the Worlds of the Vaurien and the Europeans of the Flying Junior, the Travemuende Week has four national title fights as well as match days in the First and Second National Sailing League in the program.  The Varianta yachts will again be competing in the International German Championship to select the German Champion during the Travemuende Week just like in 2012. And the German Youth Championship of the Laser Radial and Laser 4.7 in Travemuende are already almost a tradition. And with the German and Dutch Open of the 5.5mR yachts there is also a bilateral championship. The meeting of the lean yacht beauties at the Trave estuary is bringing more than one nation to the start line: Participants from seven nations, also from overseas, want to show up.  Further ranking list regattas and the offshore races on short, medium and long distance courses will offer finest sailing sport on the nine days of the event. "We are providing a good mix of classes, who have been loyal participants at the Tavemuende Week for a long time, are showing up again after a longer break or will be celebrating their premiere at the Trave", said Kath.
Among the boat classes rediscovering the Travemuende Week (TW) are the Vaurien and the Flying Junior, both coming to Luebeck to sail the International Championships. "Secretly we are aiming for the 'Project 100', even if the number of 100 participating boats might be a bit high. But we are already expecting participants from all of Europe", stated Peter Lakshmanan, the German President of the boat class Vaurien.  "Winning the title will probably be via Italy or Spain." The Flying Junior fleet is also expecting an upswing for their boat class due to their European Championship. "We are expecting the majority of participants from Germany, the Netherlands and Italy", explained Matthias Riffeler, the President of the international FJ boat class.

Further highlights next to the races of the National German Sailing League, that is experiencing its seasonal highlight at the Trave estuary just like in the previous years, are two premieres.  For the first time, a Champions League will be organized for the young sailors. With Travemuende, the responsible parties have selected the perfect location for the debut of this Youth Sailing Champions League. On the second weekend of the Travemuende Week, the best youth teams of Europe will be presenting their class on the race course close to the shore of the Nordermole.  But the second weekend has even more to offer: In cooperation with the Luebeck club Sail United the Travemuende Week is offering inclusive water sports. Children, youth and adults with mental or physical disabilities will be instructed into the sailing sport in small groups and in the end sail a small regatta in mixed teams. Heiko Kroeger, the two-times Paralympic medal winner and successful regatta sailor, is also on board.