From the Show to Taking Part to the Title Fights

There is no sailing event, where the sailing sport is more integrated into the festival program than at the Travemünde Week. The show races at the river Trave in the afternoon are bringing the sailing sport directly to the visitors of the Trave promenade, the program of Sail United invites to take part, the Volksbank Rotspon Cup challenges the politicians in a sports competition, and of course there will be also high-class sport in the bay of Lübeck. Its about trophies, titles and important points in the ranking lists for the best German sailors and international world-class sailors participating in the ranking list regattas, league competitions and championships. One European Championship and seven national title fights are in the focus of the interest. Athletes from all of Europe, but also from the USA have announced to come.

European Championship O'pen Skiff (24. until 28. July)
The young class is of great importance to Lübeck. The Lübeck Yacht Club belongs to the most active clubs in Germany in this youth class, which has renamed itself to Open Skiff this spring. Magnus Voss and Niclas Burdon from the Lübeck Yacht Club did bring a double success for Lübeck at the German Youth Championship last year and want to prove themselves of course with their strong club mates also on a European level. The Travemünde Week is always a place to go as a seasonal highlight for the young skiff sailors. With the European Championship, the series of titles is complete. Because the German Youth Championships as well as the World Championships have been already sailed on the bay of Lübeck.

International German Championship Offshore Sailing (20. until 23. July)
The offshore sailors of the bay of Lübeck had to wait long for a championship decision on their home territory. The last time, that the German Championship of the seagoing yachts took place in Travemünde, was in 2005. For the birthday the application of the TW to host the German seasonal highlight for the yacht crews was again successful. And now they are expecting a high-class fleet, since the German offshore sailing scene did present itself for the start of this year with a few new or refreshed projects. Yachts, that did win the World Championship titles in the previous years, are now owned by Germans. Local hero Juergen Klinghardt brings his "patent 4", the winning boat of the Worlds in 2016 in the class ORC III, onto the course, but will have to prove himself against the strong competitors ("Immac Fran" and "One Spirit"). And Jens Kuphal from Berlin is now sending the World Champion's yacht "Intermezzo" from 2018 into the race with the bigger boats. For the German elite, the International German Championships are the ideal preparation for the European Championship, which will be sailed in Sweden after the TW. In addition there are crews from the area of the bay in Lübeck, who want to take the chance to breathe championship's air and compete with the established crews of the ORC scene.

International German Championship Offshore Double Hand (25. until 28. July)
Small crews on seagoing yachts are a trend. In Denmark, huge regatta fleets with solo sailors or double-handed crews have established in the previous years. World Sailing did join the trend. In 2024 the Offshore-Double-Hand Sailing with mixed crews will become Olympic, and for 2020 the premiere of the World Championship is planned at Malta. At the German Sailing Association DSV, they are ready even a year earlier and will announce the premiere of the International German Championships in Offshore-Double-Hand sailing (but open and not mixed) for 2019. The Travemünde Week was selected as the venue, and now the sailing world in Germany is excited to see, who will be up for the challenge to fight for the title and whether there are already potential Olympic teams among them this summer.

International German Championship J/70 (24. until 27. July)
With the introduction as a boat for the sailing leagues, the J/70, that was constructed a few years ago, did show a great performance and since then is becoming more and more popular also in fleet races. The class rapidly became the championship status internationally and also in Germany. So it now is the third time, that a German Championship of the J/70 will take place. Until now the athletes with former or current Olympic ambitions could prevail. In 2017 the premiere of the championship was won by Carsten Kemmling and his crew, who formerly was trying to qualify for the Olympic Games in the Flying Dutchman. Last year the 470 stars Simon Diesch/Philipp Autenrieth, who want to sail at the Olympics in Tokyo 2020, did belong to the champions' team. Since the national sailing league is sailing its third event of the season at the TW, Travemünde will be experiencing a real J/70 festival, expecting a big fleet with very ambitious crews at the International German Championship.

International German Championship 505 (20. to 23. July)
The German 505 sailor belong to the absolute world top class. Wolfgang Hunger from Strande is with five titles the record World Champion in the fast class, and in the previous year, Lutz Stengel/Holger Jess did bring home the gold medal at the Worlds in Poland. With Leon Oehme (as crew for Class Lehmann) the TW host Lübeck Yacht Club also has a 505 World Champion (2013) to offer. So when the top German sailors will be meeting at the German Championships in Travemünde, the real world class of sailing will be at the start line, even if the German Five sailors did miss the podium at the early Worlds this year (in January in Australia).

International German Youth Championship Laser Radial and Laser 4.7 (22. until 27. July)
The young laser sailors have selected the courses in Travemünde as their permanent championship territory for five years now. So the sailing youth in the base classes for the Olympic single-handed disciplines will be fighting for the title for the sixth time at the Travemünde Woche. The International German Youth Championships can indeed be seen as a performance show for the future. Because among the top placements from the 125. Travemünde Week 2014, there were athletes, who now belong to the extended squad for the Olympics 2020.

International German Youngsters Championship Teeny (25. to 28. July)
Next to the Optimist, the Teeny is just one of the two official boat classes for the youngsters in the German Sailors' Association. Thus they will be the fleet of the double-handed boats for the youngest sailors at the Travemünde Week. The participants are up to 15 years old and nevertheless have to prove their abilities in the trapeze and with the spinnaker. The bay of Lübeck is no unknown territory for the Teeny. Two years ago at the joint German Championships of all official youth classes, the Teeny was also part of the game.

George Cockshott Trophy 12 '-dinghies (26. until 28. July)
More than 100 years ago, in 1913 indeed, George Cockshott did construct the 12 feet dinghy as a tender for sailing and rowing. The George Cockshott Trophy will be sailed in tribute to him, in a small, fine circuit with changing venues. The Travemünde Week is part of this exclusive circuit, last time it was part of it five years ago. Already in May they sailed in Portofino/Italy, in June they will be at the lake Mattsee in Austria, before the sailors in the traditional boats will be stopping at the Travemünde Week. And in September, the last stage of the Trophy will be in Monaco. The favorites in this boat class are from Italy, but in Germany Lübeck is one of the top spots in the fleet in regards to the number of boats as well as the performance level of the sailors.

League Sailing (20. until 22. July)
Both the 1. National League as well as the Junior Sailing League will bring exciting competitions already for the start of the TW. From the sight of Lübeck the Junior League of course is in the focus, since the Lübeck Yacht Club has its own crew here. Since the league sailing has been invented six years ago, Travemünde has been a venue each year. No other club apart from the Lübeck YC has permanently been responsible for hosting the event. And the juniors also know the bay Lübeck already. Last year the premiere of the Youth Champions League was guest in Travemünde, now 23 crews in the German Junior Sailing League will be chasing for points for the yearly ranking.

Volksbank Rotspon Cup (24. July)
The former mayor or Lübeck Bernd Saxe has established the duel sailing of Lübeck's administrative head against a political counterpart at the Travemünde Week, and Jan Lindenau now took over the tradition. Last year Lindenau had his first appearance on the river Trave and could immediately celebrate a victory, now he again is facing the challenge. The Minister of Finance of Schleswig-Holstein Monika Heinold will not come to this year's opening of the Travemünde Woche, but also take on the sportive competition at the Volksbank Rotspon Cup. They will be sailing on historical 12mR Yachts.

Inclusive Sailing (26. until 28. July)
In 2018 the Lübeck association Sail United had the idea to offer a water sports program for people with disabilities at the Travemünde Week, and make it reality together with other parties. Now they want to take up this good kickoff, so the second TW weekend will again bring inclusive sailing and SUP boarding.

Ranking regattas
Apart from the championship decisions, the ranking list regattas in several boat classes will offer a full and well-rounded program on the water. Each year many boat classes are part of it every year, some are back after a few years of absence. Right at the start of the sailing week, the Olympic Finn Dinghies (20. until 23. July) will be starting into the races. The Finn sailors are among the strongest athletes, as the big sailing area requires full use of physical strength. It is about speed in the Formula 18 class (25. until 28. July). The catamaran class is also the traditional class of the LYC sailors Helge and Christian Sach. The brothers from Zarnekau are record winners of the Travemünde Week and have already 20 victories on the bay of Lübeck on their list of successes.
A touch of the Olympics can be found in the Laser Standard and the Laser Radial. However the single-handed-dinghy will not be sailed by the Olympic aspirants, but from more settled age groups in the master's ranking (20. until 22. July). The O-Dinghies have been Olympic in 1936. But even after the loss of the Olympic status, the class did not loose its attraction especially in Germany and the Netherlands, so a bilateral competition (25. until 27. July) is expected for the Travemünde Week. The "Kielzugvogel" boat class is being sailed especially on the lakes in the West and South of Germany, but for the Travemünde Week, the best Germans are happy to make their way up onto the Baltic to gain points for the ranking list (24. until 27. July). And the Trias are also on the TW portfolio (both from 20. until 23. July). Beautiful and sleek dinghies can be seen in the fleet of the H-Dinghies (27. until 28. July). Not just modern boats are expected to show up, but also some older versions, so that the class might be sailing together with the 12'-Dinghies on the protected course at the "Poetenitzer Wiek".

Offshore courses
Not only the yachts of the championship classes ORC are on the race course for the Travemünde Week. With the long-distance course (25. until 26. July) and the medium distance course for the "Ostsee-Cup" (27. until 28. July) the participants receive an offer not having to undergo cumbersome measurements for their yachts.