Youth, National German Sailing League "Bundesliga", Offshore Sailing Travemuende Week 2017 with three main topics


The Travemuende Week 2017 emphasises clear sporting features. At the 128. edition of the most beautiful regatta week in the world, the focus is on youth championships, the sailing league "Bundesliga" and offshore sailing. By hosting the International German Youth and Youngsters Championships (22. until 29. July) in all official youth championship classes of the German Sailors' Association DSV, there will almost be a dozen of championships taking place for the young sailors. In addition to that, the National German Sailing League "Bundesliga" will again be guest at the Trave - for the fifth time. And for the offshore sailors, the red carpet will be laid out during the course of the week on all distances. On top of that, the Trias (22. until 25. July) will be at the start line in their 40. year and the J/22 (28. until 30. July) will hold their German Open.

For the second time after 2009, the Travemuende Week is hosting the German youth as well as the youngsters championships. So the best young sailors from all over Germany will be coming to the Baltic. But also sailors from all over Europe did register, and even some participants from Mexico, Costa Rica, Brazil and Uruguay as well as from Japan and Australia do not want to miss out on the event. Altogether there will be 18 nations present for the youth championships. And the other facts are also impressive: Around 700 boats are expected in eleven classes. About 900 sailors will be sailing on six days on six different race courses. And the youth will be setting its mark all over Travemuende from Moevenstein and Gruenstrand up to the Tornado greenfield and the Priwall.

Timo Hass, Youth Representative of the German Sailors' Assocation DSV, is happy about "his protégés" showing up at the Travemuende Week. "We are offering the youths the opportunity to experience a hint of the Olympics with these championships. And Travemuende is the ideal place to set the right surroundings ashore and on the water. When the application came in 2013, we were quickly convinced to go to the Trave.“

The biggest fleet will be the Optimists. More than 220 young athletes are hoping for the big success and a top ranking to promote themselves for the future and the following classes. The Optimists will be berthed - together with the camper vans and tents - at Gruenstrand, together with the O'pen Bic and Europes. Thus the area in the North of Travemuende is once more a central point of the event, especially since in the direct neighbourhood, there are the surfers of the class Bic Techno 293 and the Teenys at Moevenstein.

The double-handed classes 29er and Pirate are moving to the centre of the festival happening. They will be berthed on the Tornado greenfield. The 420 and both Laser classes (4.7 and Radial) are on the other side of the Trave, at Priwall. The wide beach area offers great possibilities here to get into and out of the water. This is necessary, because those fleets are big. Both Laser classes are altogether more than 170 boats, and the 420s are close to approaching the 100.

In direct communication with the class organisations the idea is to offer the youth sailors a mixture of adventure and high-class competitions. All classes are supposed to be sailing from Monday, 24. July, until Saturday, 29. July to have a big prize giving ceremony in the end together. All classes shall be sailing on five days, a flexible rest day will loosen the event happening. "We also want to use the rest day to be able to react to the wind conditions. Therefore the rest day is not set, but depending on the weather forecasts and the already sailed races", said Jens Kath, Sporting Director of the Travemuende Week. For the Lasers, the rest day will be right at the start. The organisers are taking the tight schedule with the international championships into account. The favourites in the Laser thus have it easier to get to Travemuende and can also get some rest before the first start.

The threads for good and fair races come together at Overall Race Director Brian Schweder and his six teams. Especially for youth classes, this is a real challenge: "Being the race committee, have a special responsibility, have to study the weather conditions extensively and coordinate safety as well as trainer and supervisor boats. But we have well-trained teams on the water, who are in permanent communication with the overall race committee and will sure make everything work out fine." A further plus is also the TW partner SAP. The software company will be tracking all participants. What is used for the transmission and analysis of the races, is also a relevant safety factor. Because the tracking allows to determine the position of the sailors, so race committee as well as supervisors and trainers always know, whether the sailors are still or already on the water or ashore.

But the Travemuende Week 2017 is more than a german youth championship. In its 128. edition, it offers an additional day of high-class regatta sport. Already on Friday 21. July, the teams from the National German Sailing League "Bundesliga" will be at the start line to sail their fourth match day of the season 2017 on three days and two race courses very close to the beach (in front of Travemuende and in front of the Priwall) and will be watched from all camera perspectives. The races are being transmitted via the internet and on the SAP Sail Cube at the beach as well as the two further video screens at the Tornado greenfield and at the interface Strandallee/Bertlingstrasse. "By shifting the national league to the Friday, we make sure that the youth events and the Bundesliga do not overlap and there are enough safety boats for all available. And we also make the league happening less stressful, because we have the first and second Bundesliga sailing on different courses“, said Jens Kath. For Brian Schweder the happening on the SAP Media Race Course is the ideal playground to put the sailing sport in the limelight. "With the transmission technology via drones and onboard cameras, but also on the tracking system, SAP is enabling us to present the sailing sport in a way, that can stand comparison with the Olympics. The fact that the youth sailors will also be able to enjoy sailing on this course, is probably unique.“

With the big events of the Bundesliga and the youth championships, the capacities for the participants ashore and on the water are occupied to a big part. But the Trias can celebrate their 40. TW anniversary nevertheless. And also the J/22, who have been loyal all the years, setting up their title competitions at the Travemuende Week, will be sailing their national championship on the bay of Luebeck. The offshore regattas are also a fixed part of the TW program. On the first weekend, there will be a medium distance race, on the second there will be the SAP Up and Downs. A regatta over night, the "Hanse Race" from Thursday, 27. July, until Friday, 28. July, is offered to the fans of long-distance sailing.


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