Young Frenchmen take World Championship gold in the F16

On the sixth regatta day of the Travemünder Woche, the schedule stumbled significantly for the first time. The wind decided late to turn from westerly to easterly, only to pick up a bit in the afternoon. Too late for the classes that finished their regatta that Thursday. This affected the Formula 16 and the Folkboats, who finished their championships accordingly with the result from the previous day. For the other seven classes, it was a case of start late, sail long. The day's work was only completed in the evening.
A youngster grabbed the first World Championship title of the 133rd Travemünde Week. Frenchman Thomas Proust is just 15 years old and has already mastered Formula 16 to perfection. In all conditions, he and his coxswain Clement Martineau, who is four years older, were almost unstoppable on the fast catamaran. Even after a capsize, the duo from La Rochelle fought their way back to the front. After twelve races and two strokes, they only took first and second places in the standings and earned the World Championship gold ahead of their compatriots Emmanuel le Chapelier/Eric le Bouedec and the Dutchmen Robin Mineur/Sander Mineur. On the final day, the medallists did not have to prove themselves as the races were cancelled.
This also applied to the Folkeboats, which were thus able to make their way to the crane in Passat Harbour in good time. There, not only were the boats lifted back ashore, but also the award ceremony was held after nine of ten scheduled races. The old champion was once again allowed to receive the largest trophy. Walther Furthmann (Kiel) celebrated the successful title defence against Ulf Kipcke (Kiel) and Jürgen Breitenbach (Kiel) with his crew Hans Christian Mrowka and Wolfgang Heck. However, this time it was not a German championship, but only a German best determination due to a lack of sufficient entries. "That's a pity, of course. We don't know what the reason is, because the Travemünder Woche is a great event," said Furthmann, for whom it was something like "coming home". He sailed the Baltic Sea from Bad Schwartau for 19 years before moving to Kiel. Furthmann registered the fact that there was not enough time for another race on the last day with one laughing and one crying eye: "We would have liked to sail, we always want to. But of course I'm also very happy that we can celebrate now."
The Ynglings managed two races for their World Championship ranking. And although the team around Maarten Jamin (Netherlands) slipped up, they were able to defend their lead thanks to the strike result. Behind them were the Austrians around Stefan Frauscher and the Belgians of Stefan Wuyts. The Germans are in a waiting position, but still have a chance to win a medal in the championships, which will be held until Saturday.
New championship, but same picture at the top. After the Dyas finished their North German Championship on Monday, they are now going one better and sailing for the German title. After the first day, the team from Edersee took the lead again. Arndt Fingerhut/Andreas Malcher can only nearly hold their own. The third-placed team of the NDM, Manfred and Maximilian Appel (Tegernsee), are tied for second place. There is already a small gap between them and Jens Leicher/Rainer Kremkow from Mosel.
In addition to the Dyas, the Kielzugvögel and O-Jollen are also sailing on the course. Herbert and Elisabeth Kujan Forggensee are the measure of all things in the Kielzugvogel. After five races, they scratched a second place to take a clear lead in the standings with four first places. The top man in the O dinghies after the first day on the course is Harry Voss from Steinhuder Meer with two wins in two races.
At the start of the German Kite-Foiler Championship, Monegasque Alexander Ehlen confirmed that he was the favourite, ascribed to him by kite expert and race director Markus Schwendtner. The favourite seems to be stopped only by himself. In the first race, he passed the starting line. Instead of victory, he got full points. This means that Ehlen already has the strike result in him. However, this did not put him under pressure. He followed up his mistake with five victories. "He is clearly the best. But behind him it's a close fight," Schwendtner reported from the track. "It was great conditions on the course - nice wind, ideal for kiting."
The start to the Hobie 16 Open European Championship went perfectly for "Mr Hobie", Detlef Mohr (Hamburg). The record European Champion won the first race with Karen Wichardt on the foresheet. But then he lost the thread. A fifth and a 19th place let the co-favourites slip down to fifth place. The place in the sun is held by former Master World Champion Jens Goritz with Anke Delius (Föhr). They are followed by the Austrians Klemens Kitzmüller/Gundi Kitzmüller and Gessa Pierandrea/Roberto Dessy (Italy).
In the Formula 18 catamarans, however, there is a US-American lead. Stephen Stroebel/Steven Leuck from San Diego have the father-son team with Sven and Jesse Lindstädt (Norderstedt) close behind.

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