Winners crowned without further races

The last day of the Travemünde Week once again offered a wind scenario that had not been seen in the entire nine days before: Calm! As the prevailing wind and thermals worked against each other, no sailable breeze built up until the early afternoon, so that races of the classes that were still outstanding on this Sunday were cancelled one after the other. So the offshore sailors, catamaran competitors, kiters and national league competitors celebrated their winners without any further races.
Joy and sorrow are close together on a day of race cancellations. But the realisation that the wind was unsailable on the Lübeck Bay courses was clear to all. At the end of the TW, the sailors had their middle-distance races on the schedule, completed a race over 20 nautical miles through the Bay of Lübeck on Saturday. On Sunday it was clear early on that there would not be enough for another race, so at the most beautiful time of noon the crews gathered for the award ceremony.
"Yesterday it was exactly our conditions, it went perfectly for us. On the way we matched up with other boats. There was a real regatta feeling, which is usually more the case with the up-and-downs. The fact that there was no start today doesn't matter much to us. We could not have improved any more anyway," said Frank Haßler, who won the ORC ranking across all classes with the Hanse 371 "Fru Hansen" according to calculated time.
"Yesterday was an excellent sailing day with a super course. And entering the Trave under spinnaker at the end is always a special experience," summed up Lutz Pouplier, who was fastest in the yardstick ranking of the two groups calculated with the First 32 "Tsunami".
Next year, the sailors will have their season highlight at Travemünde Week with the International German Championship, as will the Formula18 catamarans, who will sail their World Championship off Travemünde in 2023. Thus, this year's ranking regatta was a warm-up, which the father-son team of Jesse and Sven Lindstädt from Norderstedt won against the 18 competitors from four nations with an impressive series of first, second and third places. Behind them followed the Finnish couple Mikko and Kirsikka Raisänen in second place ahead of the US team Stephen Stroebel/Steven Leuck.
The German crews were denied the chance to attack the medal places at the end of the European Championship in the Hobie 16 class. After slipping off the podium on Saturday, Jens Goritz/Anke Delius (Föhr), Ulf Hahn/Katrin Wiese-Dohse (Kellenhusen) and Ingo Delius/Sabine Delius-Wenig (Bocholt) in fourth, fifth and sixth place were anxious for a sailable breeze. But their hopes were not fulfilled. Without a Sunday outing on the Bravo course, the Italians Gessa Pierandrea/Roberto Dessy were crowned the new European Champions. Ex-World Champion Daniel Björnholt and his foresheet Josephine Frederiksen (Denmark) had to admit defeat, as did the defending champions Stefan Griesmeyer/Caterina Degli Uberti. The German-Italian combination starts under the Italian flag.
The new European champion had a simple explanation for his victory: "The basic tactic was: start at the boat and then go out to the right." Pierandrea/Dessy also take this motto to heart in their home waters. And what works in Cagliari on Sardinia also worked on Bahn Bravo at Travemünde Week. In addition, the Italians can fall back on intensive regatta experience. In their home club, club regattas with 30 boats are sailed every Saturday. Now Pierandrea/Dessy crowned themselves not only club champions but also European champions after finishing third last year.
"Something like this is almost ideal. We can drive directly onto the beach with our car and trailer, and with the big tent we have a nice enclosed unit and our own Hobie world. The atmosphere and ambience on the beach on Priwall are great," sums up Knud Jansen, chairman of the German Hobie Cat Class Association. Check-in and support from the helpers were also great. "We would like to establish more events at the Travemünde location, but probably more ranking regattas, separate from the Travemünde Week," said Jansen. Caterina Degli Uberti, President of the European Class Association, was also happy: "We are proud of what we have achieved here. We'll be happy to come back in a few years, then with good memories of Travemünde."
Detlef Mohr, multiple European champion in the Hobie 16, would have liked to sail more races on today's final day. "Yesterday didn't go so well for me, so I would have liked to have had the chance to improve today. My goal was to finish in the top ten. Except for today, we always had great conditions and challenging races," said the Hamburg native, who eventually finished in eighth place.
The Formula Kite class also crowned its new champion at the International German Championship - also without any further races. Already on Saturday, the class had to stop after two races because there was too much seaweed floating in the water on the course, which slowed down the foil-ing kites. "Yesterday there was so much seaweed in the water that the whole foil was full. We could hardly ride. It's a pity that we couldn't start today, but it didn't surprise anyone," said German junior kiter Jan Vöster, who had set course for the podium at the IDM right from the start. "I am happy about second place. That was a really good event with a top organisation," said the kiter from the Württemberg Yacht Club (WYC). After a short stop at home in Neuenburg am Rhein, he will be back on the water in the north in a week and a half, at the Kitesurf Masters in St. Peter-Ording. Praising words about the IDM in Travemünde also come from Alexander Ehlen, who had subscribed to first place in the IDM races and sovereignly won the title. "It was a great event and fun. But I hope there will be more starters next time," said the Monegasque from the Yacht Club Monaco. Bronze went to the Australian Hector Paturau at the IDM during the Travemünde Week.
The Sailing Bundesliga also popped the champagne corks without any further races. After the Sailing Champions League had already celebrated an atmospheric event at the beginning of the week, the Bundesliga teams also found perfect conditions on two days. Race director Wolfgang Stückl and his team had foreseen the difficulties for the launch and had already worked hard in advance. Thus, 14 of the 16 flights had sailed when the Bundesliga officials called for the award ceremony.
Lübecker SV was delighted to sail into third place in the Second Division on their home turf and thus establish themselves in a safe midfield position in the season's standings in tenth place. "The district suits us, of course. We can deal well with the steady wind and the wave as a northern crew and develop a home advantage from it," said LSV skipper Sönke Boy. ASV Warnemünde in second place and Konstanzer YC as winner of the Travemünde Second League event were also well attuned to wind and wave.
In the First League, NRV Hamburg followed up its pre-event battle declaration with action. The team around former Olympic sailor Tobias Schadewaldt had already won in Kiel a fortnight ago and wanted to build directly on this. They succeeded: with a large lead, the Hamburg team secured their second victory in a row and are now back in second place in the season table. Behind the NRV, the Berliner YC and the Düsseldorfer YC followed on the podium. The previous leader in the standings, MSC Hamburg, slipped to third place in the season standings after finishing 13th in Travemünde. The new leader is SMC Überlingen.

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