Thunderstorm over Travemünde

The heavy rain had just cleared, the sun broke through the clouds, but the next rumble of thunder was already rolling in as the J/22s strode to their prize-giving ceremony at the 132nd Travemünde Week. It was the typical daytime scenario of the third day of racing, characterised by weather extremes that did not allow any racing, even though the ILCA 4s held out the longest, hoping until 4:30pm that there would be a race.
TW 2021 ended for four classes today, Monday. In addition to the J/22s, ILCA 6 and ILCA 7 were also presented with their prizes. And the RS Venture Connect inclusion class awarded World Championship titles in two categories. Three classes will contest their finals on Tuesday. Especially for the Corsairs, who are sailing for the German Championship in Lübeck Bay, it will be tight then. They do not yet have a rating in the list and have to sail four races to be rated as a regular championship.
J/22 (German Open)
Without another race of the day, the team around Thomas Lösch was allowed to pick up the victory trophy of the J/22. "It's nice to be first, of course. But it would have been even nicer to go out on the water. Because that's why we are here. But the first day compensates many things. We had great races there with a typical Baltic wave," Lösch said before heading home to Duisburg. After the season highlight of the class at Travemünde Week, Lösch hopes that regattas can still be held in Hamburg and Duisburg.
Bernardo Low-Beer would also have liked more opportunities to race on the regatta course. "The first day was really perfect for me. These are exactly the conditions I like," enthused the Brazilian, who has lived in Berlin since 2005 for professional reasons and works all over Europe. He had used the Warnemünde week as training for Travemünde and was now in good shape. In ILCA 6, his season is almost over. However, he still wants to race in the Match Race this year. He was followed by Thorsten Wyk (Hamburg) and Erik Pitzner (Kiel).
After a perfect start to the Travemünde Week, Finn Dietmair (Seebruck) allowed his rival Marino Rychlitzki (Werder) to close in, but due to a lack of further races it was enough for victory. Rychlitzki celebrated second place - tied on points ahead of Thomas Mueller (Mayen).

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