Travemünder Woche on a good course

Good wind, full programme: After a day with few races and a complete cancellation, the weather on Tuesday fully compensated the athletes for Travemünde Week. With an early beginning of the day and fast starts, the race committee worked intensively on the six courses to make up for the lost workload. The corsairs were pushed particularly hard. They were without a race for their German championship so far, but went over the course five times today and thus secured another regular championship at their TW finale.
Korsar (German Championship)
The IDM subscription winners are back on the championship throne after a four-year absence. Uti and Frank Thieme last won the national championship in 2017 on their home turf, Wannsee in Berlin. In 2018 they ended up next to the podium, in 2019 they were not there, and last year the IDM Corona was cancelled due to circumstances. Before Travemünde, the title was on the line for a long time, as the wind let the corona down on the first two days of the championship. But with the marathon programme of five races on Tuesday, gold, silver and bronze were still awarded for the IDM. With four wins and one second place, the Berlin couple left the competition no chance. "What did we do differently than last time? We didn't do any early starts!", Frank Thieme explained the recipe for success. In addition, the shifting winds suited the pair: "These were not typical Baltic Sea conditions, but rather Wannsee conditions," said coxswain Uti Thieme. The IDM title holders Silja Braun/Gerd Linnemann (Hamburg/Lille) and the ranking list leaders Ralf Blum/Silke Kornweibel (Wuppertal) followed at a respectful distance in second and third place. The mood on the championship days was good despite the two days of cancellation. "The whole class was happy to see each other again, to sit outside, to enjoy the freedom and to go sailing again," said Uti Thieme. For Frank Thieme, winning the title closed the championship circle after ten years. In 2011, he had won the Gold Cup of the Folkboats, the unofficial world championship of this class, off Travemünde on Stefan Schneider's foresheet.
Trias (Euro Cup)
On the final day of the Trias Cup at Travemünde Week, Ben Uerlichs' team from Rursee put the pressure on Mario Fattorini's Swiss leaders once again. But a victory and a second place for Uerlichs were not enough to oust the Swiss from the top spot. The Rursee team was still dragging the missed start from the first day, but at least managed to move up to second place. Fattorini celebrated a continuous improvement with the victory: "In the past years, we finished third and second for Travemünde Week and now we're in first place." Reason enough for the Swiss to confess: "It's always nice in Travemünde." Overall race director Anderl Denecke returned the expression of sympathy: "Thank you that the class is so loyal to TW. Will be happy to come again next year."
RS Aero (German Open)
It took until the evening before the Aero sailors could be asked to take part in the award ceremony. Some protest negotiations prevented for a long time that the results could become official after a total of five races. In the end, Eric Rieve (Berlin) prevailed in the overall ranking against 21 competitors. There were also the new title winners in the three different rig versions. Rieve took the victory in the Aero 7. Here - as well as in the overall ranking - it was Juliane Barthel (Dümmer) who was closest on his heels. Winner in the category with the small sail (Aero 5) was Michelle Krull (Berlin). The only representative with the large sail was Sebastian Fuchs (Pulheim).
In the Finns, the ranking of the previous days was overturned once again on the final day of the class. The previous leader Dirk Sievers (Hamburg) slipped to sixth place due to midfield placements, while Jürgen Eiermann (Rastatt) swung up to first place and relegated Kai Falkenthal from Kiel to second.
RS Feva (World Championship)
The international competition showed at the first World Championship races of the RS Feva after two days of forced break that they are not willing to give any presents. At the top of the field, Italians, French and Dutch are fighting for the top position - currently with the advantage for Ludovico Zambelli/Sofia Titolo (Italy) ahead of Lisandru Bunel/Thomas Kuntze (France) and Pietro Scopsi/Andrea Galeotti (Italy). The best German crew in the field of 97 starters is the team from Plön with Mats Krüss/Vivien Joost in 20th place overall. A third place in the fourth and last race of the day showed that the crew, which only got together a few weeks ago, still has great potential. And the area suits the helmsman, who landed his greatest sailing success to date here two years ago when he won the German Junior Championship in the Teeny.
ILCA 4 (European Championship)
The international competition for the European crown in this junior class deserves its name. In the competition of 120 female starters, there are nine nations in the top ten after three races. And it is an interplay of results. Not single day victories decide on success, but consistency.  Helena Jaksic from Croatia is at the top with a series of 6, 3, 4. Behind her, no other sailor managed to achieve top ten results exclusively. The closest rival to the leader is Spain's Mar Betancort Fernandez, who started the series in eleventh place and ended the day with a first place. Gaia Fabris from Italy is currently in bronze place. The best German is Josephine Koep in eighth place, who is even second in the U16 ranking.
The German boys started strongly into the event. Batbold Gruner and Leon Senftleben won a double at the start. Afterwards, however, they were unable to repeat these results and slipped out of the top ten. After the first day of racing, Italy's Luca Centazzo is in the lead ahead of Athanasios Kyfidis (Greece) and Tymoteusz Wysocki (Poland).
Canoe Taifun/Canoe IC
Family and city duels are programmed in the two Taifun classes. And after the first day, the points go to the Junge family in Preetz. While Claudius Junge leads the Canoe Taifun ahead of Niklas Steimann, it is Ole Junge ahead of Frederik Steimann in the Canoe IC. "That was fun today. We all know each other very well and it can certainly be exciting in both classes - even though Ole is currently training very well," reports father Claudius Junge of a successful start to the series. The Segebergers are counting on wind changes to play their own cards. In terms of numbers, the Steimänner will start with a superior number of players. In the Taifun, Niklas Steimann is joined by his father Anderas (currently fourth). In the IC, it's mother Anette who, in eighth place, is backing her son. "Our daughter can't do it right now, she's working on her Master's thesis," says father Andreas about the family's enthusiasm for Canoe. "It's a good tradition in the class that the different generations sail against and with each other.

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