The first cups are awarded

The Travemünde Woche has just started and the first crews are already celebrating. At the end of the opening weekend, the winners of the up-and-down races on the offshore course were crowned. SV Heiligenhafen (SVH-SSCH) had reason to celebrate, as they were the first-place winners in both the ORC and Yardstick classifications. Despite difficult wind conditions, a full programme was again achieved - also on the dinghy and catamaran courses.

The crew of Jan Peters' "Adamas" (Heiligenhafen) was able to cope with a slip-up at the end of the series for the offshore sailors to still be sovereign at the top of the ORC overall standings. "In the final race we were a bit unlucky, we got a wind shift wrong twice," Jan Peters reported. "But before that we only made a few mistakes. And when a manoeuvring mishap happened, our experienced crew quickly got to grips with it without us losing much time."

Peters has more starts planned for Travemünde Week after his opening victory: "I'm sailing the full programme. On Thursday, however, I will start with another crew for the long distance. We'll see how that works out. Next weekend for the middle distance, the well-rehearsed team will race again."

In the overall ORC ranking, the German champions from "Patent 4" (Jürgen Klinghardt, Lübeck) came second, but won the sub-category of ORC 3+4. With Björn Carstensen's "Pepper and Salt", there was another winner from Heiligenhafen in the yardstick yachts. However, the crew left just as quickly as they had sailed on the course. "We all have to go back to work, so we can't sail in the other Travemünde Week regattas," said 54-year-old Björn Carstensen. The focus for the rest of the season is on the Baltic Sea Cup. The "Pepper and Salt" wants to take part in a few more races in the Lübeck Bay regatta series.

The Finn Dinghies are celebrating the halfway point of their TW time. The former Olympic class is holding its German Championship in Lübeck Bay and feels completely at home with the event area on Mövenstein. "It's a great atmosphere among the camping participants. And the organisation is very good. We are very happy to be here," says the boss of the german Finn association, Claus Wimmer.

This feeling of happiness is especially shared by Fabian Lemmel. The Berliner has taken over the IDM lead from the Dane Otto Strandvig after four races. In third place is the former Olympic tenth in the Star boat (1996) Kai Falkenthal (Kiel). Lemmel remains curious about the further course of the race: "Nothing has been decided yet. On monday there will be more wind, so I'll have to watch out for Thomas Schmid in particular."

There was also a change in the lead before the final day of the German Open in the J/22 class. Although equal on points with the second, Holger Schmitt's team (Lohheider See) can be happy about the lead for the time being. The duel for the unofficial title is heating up. Reiner Brockerhoff (Duisburg) still holds all the trump cards.

The youngsters in the Hobie 16 started their day late. But when the wind had built up, they managed three more races. The Italians continue to lead the European Championship standings. But the previous leaders had to put up with heavy losses. Gianmarco Gini/Elisa Mustacchi received two early start disqualifications, but defended their lead. In the parallel regatta without European Championship ranking, the Surendorf sisters Charlotte and Wiebke Finkemeyer took a clear lead over the Dutch team Floor and Francien Holleman.

Fresh into the TW were four other Hobie classes as well as the Dyas. The Italian strength in the beach catamarans was underlined by the youngsters Leonardi Vascellari/Gaia Benedetta Frau in the Hobie Dragoon with four wins in four races. In contrast, a German duo is at the top of the age group ranking (Masters) in the Hobie 16. Jens Goritz/Anke Delius (Föhr) lead after four races ahead of Christian Diederich/Christina Schober (Bordesholm/Hamburg). Best crew under spi are the Austrians Klemens and Gundi Kitzmueller.

A mixed podium could emerge at the Hobie 14 European Championship if the results of the first day continue. Tanja Rindt (Bosau) is in the lead ahead of the Brazilian Adam Max Mayerle.

The North German Championship of the Dyas is the warm-up for the German Championship, which will also be sailed during the Travemünde Week from Thursday. Arndt Fingerhut/Andreas Malcher from Edersee are already at operating temperature and are clearly in the lead after three races with places 1, 1, 2.

The special conditions of the area in the shadow of the Maritim skyscraper were felt by the Sailing Champions League teams on their second day of racing. "Due to the construction, some wind eddies pull deep into the regatta area. In addition, the Trave creates a jet effect. That sometimes makes it a game like on the Alster. However, there is more space, so the gusts and gybes are more visible," Maximilian Gebhard, team manager of the Lübeck YC, reported about the pitfalls. This also makes it difficult to create a home advantage. The Lübeck team was only able to improve slightly to 27th place.

NRV Hamburg, on the other hand, exploited a few weaknesses of the Finnish team. While Markus Rönnberg from the Åland Islands not only took one win but also three middling results, NRV helmsman David Chapman sailed continuously in the top three. The Hamburg team was unable to compete in the last race, but as this resulted from technical damage to the boat, they will be credited with the average score of their previous results. Should the NRV succeed in taking first place, it would be Chapman's second SCL victory. Three years ago, however, the Australian won with his home club from Sydney.

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