Strong regatta programme

After the cancellation of the TW last year, the Corona pandemic is still leaving its mark on the regatta programme in 2021. The originally planned workload of 27 decisions at global, continental and national level will not quite happen, but with 23 regattas - including two World and two European Championships - the programme is very high-class. By the closing date for entries, around 850 entries had been received with a total of around 1350 competitors from 37 nations.

"The largest field is made up of the sailors for the European Championship of the 4.7", reports TW sports director Jens Kath. "With 125 girls and 250 boys, this European Championship will be the sporting highlight of the 132nd Travemünde Week. The entry level can reach the absolute limit of this European Championship and thus exceeds our expectations in view of the situation."

On the other hand, the RS Feva World Championship is smaller than expected. With 100 entries, the field is about halved compared to previous events. "The British form the strongest field in this class, but will not come due to entry and exit restrictions. This also applies to some athletes from New Zealand and Australia. The European Championships of the Splash Blue and Splash Red will fall victim to the travel restrictions. Here it is mainly the Dutch who are missing. For a long time it was not possible for them to come because the Netherlands was considered a high-risk area. Although this hurdle has now been removed, it was no longer possible to reschedule at short notice. Especially since the chances of finding accommodation at the Baltic Sea are very slim this summer.

The same applies to the RS Aero Junior World Championships. It had to be cancelled due to the difficult entry regulations. However, many German sailors have switched over and are now competing in the German Open, so that the young class will be well represented despite the cancellation of the World Championships.

In the other classes, too, surprisingly good and sometimes small numbers of entries balance each other out. "Clearly on the plus side are the O-Jollen, Finn, Conger and Kielzugvögel, which we would not have expected in this strength. The Formula 18, Trias, the Canoe classes and the Corsairs are okay. Disappointing, on the other hand, is the performance of the J/22 and the J/24, which want to hold their German title fights off Travemünde, but only have a weak field of participants at the start."

The RS Venture Connect are generating enthusiasm.The class wants to sail the premiere of their world championship in inclusive team composition for the Travemünde Week, and 14 duos from eight nations will come to Lübeck with one sailor with a handicap and one without.

"Overall, the registration result is very good against the background of the long prevailing uncertainty. In April and May, there was still a lot of scepticism as to whether the TW would be able to take place, given the existing incidence.That's why we are all surprised that it has turned out this way," says Jens Kath, who was also able to report new entries for the offshore races. Traditionally, crews register late, but after the start of the regatta season in the Bay of Lübeck at the beginning of July, many crews got back into competition mode.

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