Stormy final: Strong wind crews are rushing for the podium


The final race day of the International German Youth and Youngsters Championships at the Travemuende Week was again a real challenge for the crews. Strong winds on average and some strong gusts did create the framework for challenging finals. Not all boat classes were sent out on the water in these conditions. On course Golf, surfers, Teenies and O'pen Bics did abstain from starting. The Pirate sailors did decide for themselves to skip racing and came to an agreement with the race committee. The small Optimists, the Lasers, the wobbly 29er, the 420 and the Europes did go out on the water and sail their complete championship program.

On the final race day, the victory of Mic Mohr (Stralsund) was already set. Even a rank 13 in the first race of the day did not throw the 13-year old off the track. The third at the Worlds did celebrate his victory at the German Youngsters Championship by winning the last race. He is following his brother Roko, who has won in Helgoland last year, but now just missed out on the medal places in the end. From rank two he fell down to rank five due to a disqualification of an early start. Thus the way was open for Mewes Wieduwild (Berlin). The participant at the Worlds did manage to climb onto rank two after a successful last day. And completely unexpected, the bronze medal was won by a local hero. Jesper Bahr from the Luebeck SV did finish his good series of the week with a fifth and and a sixth place on Saturday and the place on the podium overall. "I do not know what to say about that. A great result. I am overwhelmed", trainer Uwe Schimanski was surprised from the coup of his protégé.

Without further races, the team Stefan Schmidt/Moritz Kretschmar (Seeburger See) could be crowned as the new German Youngsters Champions in the Teeny class. After the Vice Champion's title in the previous year, Schmidt did make the important step forward with his new crew. The crew did "get used to each other" during the last year. And it is now working perfect for the duo, who managed to cross the finish line first six times during ten races. Carlotta Meyer/Constantin von Camron (Duemmer) did win the silver medal, followed by Nik and Oke Nommensen from Ploen.

O'pen Bic
The O'pen Bics could also relax in the end. They did not go out on the water anymore, so that Leonard Beyer from Hamburg could celebrate his aspired victory. The second-ranked Ken Izuki is starting for Japan, but is living with his parents in the German region Allgaeu. He has two citizenships, is called Oliver Sanders in Germany, but did bring some international atmosphere to the O'pen Bic fleet. Rank three and thus the bronze medal was won by Matti Biedermann (Crefeld). Thus Charlotte Finkenmeyer from Surendorf did not just have to miss out on the medal, but also on the ice cream. According to an agreement with the surfers of the club, they would have given her an ice cream in case she would get onto the podium.

Robert Zink (Stevertalsperre) made it again exciting during the first race of the day, when he finished on rank nine. But with rank two in the last race of the Europes, he did manage to win the title, followed by Frederik Frerck from Bordesholm and Vincent Schrader (Huede). "I think, I never felt that great", Robert Zink was excited. "During the first race I had to pay attention, that I do not make an early start or get a penalty from the jury. When I became only ninth, I really was a bit nervous. But I was lucky in the second race and on the right side and had the control." He opened a bottle of champagne with his parents after the race. "This was my absolute highlight of the season.“

Laser 4.7/Laser Radial
After his coup at the Youth Worlds in Belgium, when he did win the Vice Champion's title in the U16, Julian Hoffmann from the German region Allgaeu did demonstrate his exceptional position in Germany. With his big lead of 63 points, and Gunnar Kroeplin (Schwerin) did become second. Tim Raible (Tegernsee) did become third and thus completed the triumph of the the inland lake sailors.
In the Laser Radial, the dynamic finals did push Laura Schewe (Kiel) from place one, who had been leading the fleet before. With a sixth and a 13. place on the final race day, she was pushed back behind Nico Naujocks (Berlin). "After the first days of light winds not playing into my hands, it really was a very exciting race to catch up. The more wind, the better for me. So I had hoped, that I could make it", said Naujocks. With two victories, where he managed to build up his lead on the downwind legs, he did manage an impressive regatta finish. Naujocks is now aiming for the triple: Before the German Championship, he did win the Youth European Championship, and in August, he will be sailing at the Youth Worlds in the Netherlands.

Paul Pietzcker/Linus von Oppen (Berlin) did start the day with two victories in the 29er and then took full risk to attack the leading Norwegians Mathias Berthet/Alexander Franks Penty. This attack resulted in place eleven in the end, but the sailors from Berlin were satisfied nevertheless: "The Norwegians show a consistent performance and then the wind even died, so we could not pass anymore. But we are happy. Our goal was to defend our position as the German number one", explained crew Linus von Oppen. The German Youth Champions from the previous year did manage that. As the only German crew, they were on the podium, behind the Norwegians and in front of the Swedish Oscar Engstroem/Hugo Westberg. "Today we really had our fun. It was not easy to sail, but fast." In August, the team will be traveling to the European Championship aiming at the top ten.

"Everything went according to plan today", explained Linus Klasen, while loading the boat. Together with his crew Daniel Goettlich (Berlin), he did defend the lead from Friday and did win the title International German Youth Champion in the 420. Looking at the strong winds, Goettlich/Klasen had started into the last day with the expectation to win Gold at the Travemuende Week. And with two victories in the end, they were not disappointed. "We had the boat speed, we were hoping for and did make the right tactical decisions", said Klasen. For the ladies crew Theresa Steinlein/Lina Plettner (Bavaria), who were leading the fleet for three days, the hopes for winning the title were gone with the winds becoming stronger. But they could defend rank two overall against the champions from the previous year, Philipp Royla (Uerdingen)/Kim Fernholz, who did finish with bronze.

The Pirate sailors did not want to take any risks on the final race day in the face of the gusts. Some crews did already have problems handling the conditions on Friday, and the experiences from the past did sound a note of caution for this class. Therefore the whole fleet did decide to not get out on the water despite a planned race start. "The weather forecast is the way, that some younger crews might be getting problems", said the Youth Chairman of the boat class Lukas Bruening in the morning. "The older and experienced crews show consideration for that. It is good, that this solidarity exists in the class. The Pirates are set up differently than other classes.“

Bic Techno 293/Bic Techno 293 Plus
On Monday, the races for the surfers had been cancelled by the race committee. But Felix Kupky would have liked to get on the water: "I think, I would have mastered the board, I can cope well with lots of wind." Thus he could have proven even more that he is the well-deserved title holder. But he was anyhow the dominant surfer in the fleet of the Bic Techno with the "normal" version of the board. The goal of the young sailor from Berlin is to win the Techno Cup, where he has already won two out of four regattas. And in October, he will be going to the World Championship. Kupky was followed by Samy Vielhuber (Chiemsee) and Eike Drawe (Berlin) on the next places.
The counterpart to Kupky in the Bic Techno 209 Plus was Richard Sprenger. The sailor from Paderborn did manage to position himself at the top of the fleet with the winds becoming stronger and thus became the new champion - although it was just a small lead of one point in front of Selina Horber (Chiemsee) and Aurel Thase.

The championships were finished in the evening with a prize giving ceremony of all youth classes. Next to the overall winners, the champions of the age classes did also receive prizes (see list of results). And the ceremony did again reflect the week. From rain to sun, all weather conditions were represented during the one and a half hours.

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