Sach brothers add to their record

At the end of the Travemünde Week, there was once again a mirror image of the past ten days: sun, showers and thunderstorm, plus light to medium winds and a few strong gusts. The classes for the finals were able to let off steam again on the Lübeck Bay courses, each getting their own course. With another victory on their home waters, the brothers Helge and Christian Sach added to their record for the Travemünde Week. First place overall in the Formula 18 is equivalent to their 21st victory overall.
Formula 18
The Sach brothers had announced it beforehand: winning the Travemünde Week would not be a matter of course, even though they were the clear favourites as they are currently fourth in the World Championship. They expected a tough fight from Jesse and Sven Lindstädt in particular. And that is exactly what the son-father team gave them. The Hamburg team got off to the better start in the series. Helmsman Jesse Lindstädt, runner-up in the 2019 Nacra 15 World Championship, steered the cat to two victories over the finish line on the first day. When things got tactically trickier on the course, the Sachs countered. They laid the foundations for their 21st success with four wins in a row, chalking up fifth place at the end as a strike result. "After half of the races, things went more smoothly because the communication and therefore the cooperation was better. We are especially happy about the victory because the competition was really tough. We had to put in a good effort to win. The young sailors are really professional," said Christian Sach after the award ceremony. Both brothers praised the good race management at the TW regatta. "The race committee did everything possible and made no wrong decisions," they praised.
Musto Skiff
In the absence of former European Vice-Champion Iver Ahlmann (Kiel), the way to an unchallenged victory was clear for Dutchman Paul Dijkstra, sixth in the 2019 World Championships. With seven wins in nine races, he never had any problems controlling the small fleet, relegating Swiss Roger Oswald and Karsten Groth (Netherlands) to second and third place and thus securing the title at this German Open. For second-placed Roger Oswald, the regatta was his first trip to Travemünde. "I like sailing in the north and gladly accept a twelve-hour drive to be able to sail here. I will come again," he enthused. He said the last day of racing was particularly exciting, as there was a little less wind and so all the sailors were in the mix. On the strong wind day, the field was a little decimated.
After the strong winds on Saturday, the yacht sailors were allowed to sail relaxed out of Travemünder Woche 2021 on Sunday. In light to medium winds, with a thunderstorm front at the end, race officer Uwe Wenzel had laid out a 25 nautical mile course in the Bay of Lübeck. This gave beach visitors from Timmendorfer Strand a direct view of the action as the crews rounded the course mark close to land. And the Travemünde guests were once again able to be right there at the finish, as once again the wind conditions allowed to finish right at the top of the Nordermole.
As on the previous day, Walter Watermann's "X-Day" was the fastest yacht on the course and crossed the finish line after 2:52:58 hours. Helmsman Lars Hückstädt had already announced at the convivial crew meeting the evening before that the "X-Day" would "feel very comfortable" in Travemünde. The yacht from Kiel had already taken part in the first weekend, coming third in her class in the up-and-down races. However, the XP-44 yacht is designed more for long strokes, and so the "X-Day" was able to improve its performance even more on the second weekend and sailed to group victory in ORC I+II. "For us, the Travemünder Woche is one of the few highlights of the year. We are now planning the Kiel Week and then the German Championship in Olpenitz," says Hückstädt. And in the medium term, the "X-Day" crew wants to compete in the offshore classic Fastnet Race. "Originally we had planned to do that already, but Corona threw a spanner in the works."
Immac Fram's performance in the ORC III class was flawless, with four wins in four races at the up-and-downs and now first place in each of the two middle-distance races. "It was super once again - except for the rain that caught us just before the finish today. I am very happy with my team. We were going fast and made good manoeuvres," said helmsman Kai Mares (Kiel). This season the project is concentrating on the German events, but in 2022 they are aiming for another international event, participation in the European Championships or the World Championships.
The list of winners in the middle distance was completed by Finn Schütt (Lübeck) on the "Marelan" in ORC IV as well as Marco Antler (Lübeck) on the "Nona" (Yst I), Björn Carstensen (Heiligenhafen) with the "Pepper and Salt" (Yst II) and Andreas Peschlow (Berlin) with the "Celestine" (Yst III) in the yardstick classifications.
With a big thank you to the race committee, the sailors finally concluded the Travemünde Week 2021 with their award ceremony.

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