Prepare for the finals

The regatta programme of the Travemünde Week could be continued on Wednesday with the complete, planned workload. This means that the RS Feva World Championship and the ILCA 4 European Championships are in safe waters. While the Fevas are heading for their finals with two more races today, Thursday, the ILCA 4 have now completed their qualifying round after six races for all groups. This means that the participants in the Gold Group who will be competing for the medals have been decided.
RS Feva (World Championship)
Italy remains in the top spot, but the names are changing. After starting the final round in twelfth place, Francesco Trucchi/Massimiliano Scalzulli came up trumps in a big way. With two wins and an eighth place, they captured the top position ahead of France's Lisandru Bunel/Thomas Kuntze and their Italian teammates Pietro Scopsi/Andrea Galeotti. The only German team make the cut for the Gold Fleet was Mats Krüss/Vivien Joost from Plön and they continue to sail spiritedly to 18th overall. "That is much more than we expected. We wanted to be in the first half and no one can take that away from us," reported Mats Krüss. Perhaps even more would have been possible if the young Plöners had not suffered damage to the gennaker pole at the end of the preliminary round, which makes manoeuvres much more difficult. Looking ahead to the final day, Mats Krüss is excited: "We will give everything and see what works. There is a lot of wind forecast, which doesn't suit us so well. With less wind, you can act more tactically. We have had our best results in light wind conditions." Third place at the end of the qualifying round, was "just cool", Krüss said.
Canoe IC (Euro Cup)
A bang, a falling mast and the result is already turned around. In the Canoe IC, Frederik Steimann took over the lead from Ole Junge. "Of course I would have preferred to win in the sporting competition. But suddenly I heard the bang next to me when the shroud broke on Ole, and then his mast was already in the water. But everything has been repaired in the meantime. Ole can continue sailing tomorrow," reported Frederik Steimann. With the strong wind forecast for tomorrow, Friday, he sees the fleet facing considerable challenges. "In the tippy class it is difficult to recover, especially between races, as you can't relax on board. That's when many will certainly be at the limit." Canoe Taifun (German Championship) In the Taifun class, the ranking remains Junge ahead of Steimann. Claudius Junge had to concede a day's victory to Niklas Steimann, but was able to defend the top spot. In any case, it seems that the fight for the German title will again be a duel between the two, which Niklas Steimann won last year.
Keelboat (German Championship)
After the first two races of the German Championship, Gerd and Angelika Diederich (Simssee) have taken the overall lead ahead of Henry Kopplin/Sebastian Lüters (Berlin) and Manfred Brändle/Joachim Heinz (Duisburg).
ILCA 4 (European Championship)
At the ILCA 4 European Championships, the ranking at the top has completely changed before the division into the final groups. The only constant is the Italian participants, who continue to sail at the top. First place in the girls' race is held by Italy's Emma Mattiva after six races. Annemijn Algra from the Netherlands follows in second place. Claudia Adán Lledó from Spain is currently in bronze. The best German is Line-Anneliek Pähler in 16th place, who is even in fifth place in the U16 ranking, followed by compatriot Josephine Koep in sixth place. In the boys' race, too, an Italian is in the lead before entering the final round. After six races, Davide Nuccorini leads the field. Another Italian, Nicolò Guiseppe Cassitta, is in second place after six races now, followed by Ernesto Suárez García from Spain. Batbolt Gruner is currently the best German in the ranking and occupies 33rd place.

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