Playing with nerves from early to late

Sailors with strong nerves had an advantage on the second regatta day of Travemünde Week. In a game of searching for the right wind, the race committee managed to get races for the respective classes on five of the six TW courses, but it was a difficult business in which the factor luck definitely had an influence. Patience was also required from the sailors in the 13 classes on this Sunday. Already at the scheduled first start at 11 a.m., the sailors took to the course. After the first attempts and a lull in the breeze, there was a long wait. At 5pm, the decision was made not to sail on four of the courses. The ILCA 4s, however, were sent out on the course once more. They had not had a race on the list by then and worked into the evening hours to get usable results.
RS Venture Connect (World Championship)
After two more races in the inclusion class, a German trio is chasing the leaders Gabriel Barroso/Javier Serrano. After five wins in a row, the Spanish duo showed weakness at least in the sixth race and could only finish on the eighth position. Nevertheless, they still hold the lead ahead of Jens Kroker/Sabine Kroker-Hohmann (Heidelberg), Heiko Kröger/Clemens Kraus (Hamburg) and Jürgen Brietzke/Sigmund Mainka (Leipzig). All three German crews are highly decorated internationally with Paralympic gold medals.
ILCA 4 (European Championship)
On the day when the sailing competitions at the Olympics in Tokyo began with the regattas of ILCA 6 and ILCA 7, the 380 youngsters in the junior class ILCA 4 were also to start their European Championships off Travemünde. While Svenja Weger from Kiel made a big splash off Enoshima/Japan and unexpectedly took the Olympic lead, there was no chance for surprises off Travemünde until the evening. A first race had to be abandoned for lack of fair conditions. Then the 125 girls and 255 boys held out for a long time. And when it was decided to call it a day for all the other classes, they were to have another go.
J/22 (German Open)
One race, same picture: With the start of the Travemünde Week, the J/22s always deliver the same results: The treasurer of the class, Thomas Lösch (Duisburg), crosses the finish line first, followed by Andreas Hamacher (Neuss) and Werner Anders (Haltern). So the results list is clear in this order and will probably hardly change on tomorrow's final day of the J/22.
Trias (Euro Cup)
Although Wolfgang Mohr from Lake Constance had a slip-up in the Trias with his crew, he was able to defend his second place in the Trias. While Switzerland's Mario Fattorini consolidated his top position by winning the day, the fight for second place overall is getting tight. Mohr is only one point ahead of Mathias Strang (Woffelsbach).
After his winning hattrick on Saturday, Brazilian-born Bernado Low-Beer had to cope with a seventh place in the ILCA 6 class. However, as his rival Thorsten Wyk also failed, it was enough for Low-Beer, who lives in Potsdam, to defend his overall lead. In the ILCA 7, Marino Rychlitzki (Werder) is on the hunt. With a win on Sunday, his second in this series, he is close to the overall leader Finn Dietmair (Seebruck).
The steady conditions on Saturday suited Hamburg's Finn sailor Dirk Sievers more, but even in the light and unsteady breeze he was able to make his mark among the 24 competitors at the front of the field. Sunday's sixth place puts him at the top of the field ahead of Jürgen Eiermann (Rastatt).

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