On course for a record with a new boat

Will win number 21 in 2021 be possible? The time seems to be ripe for adding to the record of victories at Travemünder Woche. The brothers Helge and Christian Sach are in top form to add another trophy to their collection of trophies at their home event. In 2015, they triumphed at Travemünder Woche for the 20th and last time so far, and now, with a new boat and great success behind them, they will be starting as top favourites in Formula 18.
Three weeks ago, the 2006 World Champions unexpectedly made it into the top ten at the current World Championships in Italy. Even more: For a long time, the team of the Lübecker Yacht-Club was in second place. On the final day, however, they slipped out of the medal places and came in a close fourth. In the meantime, the disappointment about missing out on the medal has been digested and given way to pride about their performance. "If we had been asked about fourth place before, we would have gladly accepted the congratulations. Now we were disappointed right after the last race. But we also saw that we offered a performance that we ourselves would not have suspected we could bring. The goal was the top ten, so fourth place is simply sensational," says Helge Sach in preparation for the Travemünde Week and with the necessary distance from the World Cup events.
The Sach brothers see their new catamaran as one reason for their current surge: "The boat is perfectly tailored to us. We can also cope with a lot of wind, in which we have always been slow in the last few years, with this boat incredibly well. We have achieved our best results at the World Championships in windy conditions," explains Christian Sach. The new Akurra design by Goodall has been changed, especially in the bow section. The sharp wave piercer bow quickly transitions into a voluminous hull. This means that the F18 cuts up the waves but does not dive deep, making it easy to control. The improved wind flow from the foresail to the mainsail also adds speed. The Sach brothers were able to implement this well on the track. And it would probably have worked even better if the delivery of the boat had not been delayed. Christian Sach: "We should have trained more - at least one week. Even with good people! Then we would have held on to second place. Guaranteed!"
The Sach brothers do not want to dismiss the role of favourites for the Travemünder Woche after their World Championship success. "We certainly are, as no other German team taking part in the Travemünder Woche has managed to get into the top ten of the World Championships," says Helge Sach, who adds a clear "but" afterwards: "With Jesse Lindstädt, who sails with his father Sven, we have a helmsman at the start who normally sails the Olympic Nacra 17 250 days a year like a pro and is fully in the juice. And he has already beaten us at the German Open before the World Championships. That will be the toughest competition. We are sure of that."
In addition, the Travemünde Week requires completely different skills compared to the World Championships. While 80 kats in one start at the World Championships was all about tactical finesse, the 20-boat field of the TW is all about maximum speed potential. "We will see how we do in the small field," says Helge Sach. And with a view to his own TW winning record? "We hope!"

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