Lübecker Segler-Verein stays on course for the podium

Until sunday, 18 teams each will be sailing in the First and Second Sailing League directly in front of the Nordermole for victory on the third match day of the season. The NRV from Hamburg (First League) and the Konstanz Yacht Club (Second League) are consistently at the top of the two fields. But the sailors from Lübecker Segler-Verein also have a good chance of a podium finish in the Second League.
The first two days of racing went well for the Lübeck team. "We were already super satisfied with day one. There was relatively a lot of wind, but the conditions were very consistent. We were able to sail an extremely large number of races," is the positive conclusion of Christian Maass, who is responsible for the gennaker on board. In preparation for the Bundesliga event at the Travemünder Woche, the team from Lübecker Segler-Verein (LSV) had a training weekend and an evening session on Lake Ratzeburg on the Wednesday before the Bundesliga opener at TW. "We usually always needed a race to get back into racing mode, but the Wednesday session helped. We hit the ground running right from the start this time," says a delighted Maass.
For the league team of the Lübecker-Segler-Verein von 1885, this is the eighth season in the sailing national league. With the help of supporters, the club has acquired its own J/70 as a training vessel. League sailing is definitely a flagship for the club, says Maass. "Our Bundesliga races are followed closely in the club - sometimes in live tracking on the computer," he reports. "We are aware that we have a certain responsibility to represent the club well. That creates a bit of pressure," adds cox Sönke Boy. Of course, as in every club, there are supporters and opponents of the Bundesliga, if only because of the associated costs of around 10,000 euros per season, Maass mentions.
That is why the team is looking for sponsors and supporters to relieve the financial burden on the club. In the Lübeck team, there is a wide age range between the youngest and oldest crew members. In his early 20s is the youngster in the team, Finn Lukas, 59 years old Niklas Reisenauer, who is responsible for operating the jib in the race. "Niklas is the oldest of us, but still the fittest," says Boy with a grin. At the Bundesliga event during Travemünder Woche, Boy and his crew are hoping for a place at the front of the field. "We have already made it to the podium with the team once. We would like to repeat that."
After two days of racing and 14 races, the chances of a podium finish for the Lübeck team are good. They are currently in third place in the Second Sailing League. The field continues to be led by the Lake Constance team of the Constance Yacht Club, followed by the team from the Warnemünde Academic Sailing Club.


In the First Federal League, the NRV from Hamburg with the former Olympic sailor Tobias Schadewaldt still has the bow in front after 14 races. Behind them are the Berliner Yacht-Club and the Düsseldorfer Yachtclub. Tomorrow on the last day of the Sailing Bundesliga at the 133rd Travemünder Woche, two more races per league would be possible, weather conditions permitting.

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