Greeting of the Mayor of the Hanseatic city Luebeck

Foto: Olaf Malzahn

There is glow coming from Travemuende: The "pearl" of Luebeck at the Baltic is celebrating the Travemuende Week already in its 130. year - the unique symbiosis of festival and world-class sailing sport. There is probably no other place, where water-sport athletes and those enjoying the entertainment in the light atmosphere of the summer as well as party guests are moving closer together than in Travemuende.  The atmosphere just calls out:  The Travemuende Week belongs to the biggest sailing events worldwide, is an ideal territory and perfect time for championships on a German, continental and global level. Participants from around 20 nations bring their boats to Luebeck each year, the festival attracts visitors from far beyond the borders of Schleswig-Holstein to come to the estuary of the river Trave.
We want to transport the aura of these ten great days in Travemuende even more intothe city. The shopping Sunday on 21. July is part of the festivities for the 130. anniversary of the Travemuende Week. The retail sector is also on board. The logo of the Travemuende Week in the official stamp has now been decorating the official letters from the town hall for half a year now. And with the pre-welcome on the "MS Hanse" in front of the Media Docks on 19. July and the following tour on the river Trave down to the official opening ceremony, Luebeck is creating a connection between the city center and Travemuende.
I am looking forward to this significant birthday of this most beautiful regatta in the world and am excited about my second race on the river Trave, when the Minister of Finance Monika Heinold will come to compete in the Volksbank Rotspon Cup. I wish us all such great summer flair and Caribbean nights as we could celebrate last year.

Jan Lindenau
Mayor of the city Luebeck

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