Evening sailing action in the Trave

The Trave between Passathafen and Travepromenade turned into a sailing arena on Thursday for both the show races and the start of the offshore long distance race.
Six teams from the German Sailing League used the Volksbank Trave Races to prepare in regatta mode for the third match day of the league, which will be held off the Nordermole starting tomorrow. In two races in front of the audience, however, it was not only about presenting the sport, but also about a prize money of 300 euros - offered by Volksbank Lübeck. Mühlenberger SC, the leader of the German Sailing League, first showed why they are at the top of the table and landed the first victory. However, the Hamburg team fluffed in the second race and could only cross the line in sixth place. The team of ASV Warnemünde around helmswoman Johanna Meier took advantage of this, showing the greatest consistency with a second and a third place, taking the overall victory and receiving the winner's cheque from the hands of Volksbank board member Christian Mehrens.
After the national sailing team had left the Trave Arena again, the yacht sailors set off. Offshore race officer Uwe Wenzel had set the start for the long-distance race over 66 nautical miles through the Bay of Lübeck into the Trave and sent the two starting groups on their journey through the night in front of the spectators. In the process, the crews showed that they were not willing to give up even one metre of space at the starting line and offered a close battle that sent the pulse and blood pressure of many a spectator soaring. But the helmsmen also showed how well they have their sports equipment under control. Close together they passed the starting line and pulled out of the Trave.

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