A unique symbiosis of sport and festival


After the sports' part of last year's Travemuende Week focussed mainly on the youth and the layout in the festival area has changed, the 129. Travemuende Week (20. until 29. July) 2018 is getting back to its proven setup. The sailing sport will be presented in the whole spectrum - from youth boat classes to German title fights, European and World Championships as well as the National Sailing League, show and mayor races. And in the festival area, the Bruegmanngarten with the Stadtwerke Luebeck festival stage will again be in the focus. The musical top acts will take place here during the week, and street artists will demonstrate their shows in a separate event area. But the sailors and guests can of course enjoy arts, concerts, food, sports, fun and shopping all along the event area from the "Tornadowiese" (the green field, where the Tornados are located during the event) at the Travepromenade up to the Nordermole (the Northern pier), along the Strandallee and in the Bertlingstrasse.

The Travemuende Week is a unique symbiosis of sailing sport and festival, and this year it's again living up to its claims. Nowhere else you can better experience the close relationship between athletes and people in a party mood than at the Travepromenade and in the beach area at the Nordermole.

Already with the entrance to the festival area, where Trellborgallee and Vorderreihe are merging, the guests are experiencing the close interlocking of sport and fun. While the sailors of the keel boat and RS classes are preparing their boats for the regattas on the Tornadowiese and at the piers of the Travepromenade and coming back ashore after days on the water, the visitors are enjoying the shopping facilities at the craftwork booths, which are located on the way up to the restaurant Marina. And the Ferris wheel will again be a point of attraction like in the previous years, allowing the passengers to get a perfect all-round view from above the roofs of Travemuende on the happening along the river Trave and out onto the Baltic.

Sailors' Village
Next to the restaurant Marina is the Sailors' Village - a meeting point for sailors, who receive all important information in the race office. But also the guests of the Travemuende Week (TW) will find something to suit them there. They can shop in the big tent of TW partner Marinepool and enjoy being in touch with the sportsmen and -women. Exhibitors are offering entertainment, the gourmet stations culinary delights. SAP, one of the main partners of the Travemuende Week, will be presenting itself on a large scale and set up a Sailors' Lounge. The Holsten Ankerplatz, the Northern German Biergarten will be at a different location. This time, it will invite thirsty visitors in the Sailors' Village.

The media tent from the radio station NDR and the newspaper Luebecker Nachrichten will offer an entertainment program of big variety during the TW days and nights. And the culinary sector will change from the Northern life style at the Trave to Bavarian delicacies in the Erdinger Biergarten. All along the Travepromenade you have the best view at the incoming and outgoing sailors, the tall ship "Passat" on the other side of the Trave, the show races in the late afternoon, the SAP Trave Races and of course on the competitors in the Mayors' Race ("Buergermeisterrennen") on Wednesday afternoon. Luebeck's new mayor Jan Lindenau will continue the tradition of his predecessor Bernd Saxe and compete against the Minister of the Interior Hans-Joachim Grote in the Volksbank Rotspon Cup. The tall ship "Passat" has its big show from Monday, 23. July, until Saturday, 28. July, each evening at 22:45, when it is set into the best light with a pyro and laser show.

At the Nordermole there will again be a center for party guests. The second big stage of the Travemuende Week, the Stadtwerke Luebeck beach stage, will be located opposite of the pilot station. And on the beach, the Holsten Beach Area is one of the biggest existing open air disco spaces. The number of beach clubs will be reduced, but the area of both clubs "Team 412" and "Schiff Ahoi" increased, so that it is in total almost the same size, but more clear in its setup. A large screen is offering information and broadcasting of the sail races during the days. The software company SAP is preparing the TV images from the SAP Media Race Course in its technology truck. But with a good eye, you can also directly follow the races on the SAP Media Race Course. Around the Nordermole are also the best places for watching the big fireworks on Sunday, 29. July, around 23:00 as a farewell for the Travemuende Week 2018.

But until then, the guests have ten days to celebrate as much as they want. It's all about shopping and eating along the Strandallee (the beach alley) up to the Rondeel and in the Bertlingstrasse. Delicacies from the region, but also from exotic countries, hearty and sweet - all the food, you desire, can be found here. In the Weincarrée (wine area) and the adjoining Gipsy Village with live music, you can enjoy the Travemuende beach life at the Rondeel.

Stadtwerke Luebeck Festival Garden
At the Bruegmanngarten, the experiences of the previous years are merged to an overall concept. So the area will again offer a high level of quality of stay during the days, with a big variety of offers from entertainment and cuisine, with cozy seating areas and show areas. And in the afternoons and evenings, you can watch the big music acts of the TW at the roofed stage. And of course different games are again offered for the children. On the first TW weekend, the inflatable giant City-Slide will again be set up. During the summer, it is touring around ten German cities and among them is also Travemuende. The Stadtwerke Luebeck e-Parcours demonstrates, which major possibilities electronically driven mobility can offer. So it is a program for the whole family, that is being offered in the Stadtwerke Luebeck Festival Garden.

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