A high quality festival week

In its 130th year, the Travemünder Woche appears at a high level of quality. The program was very well received by the visitors. Some weather conditions - especially the thunderstorm on the first TW Saturday - caused decline in the number of visitors. So the rush to the TW will be a touch of below the previous level when year's a Caribbean week cosseted the guests. But until the final fireworks display about 750,000 people have enjoyed the festival mile at Trave and the Baltic Sea.

Uwe Bergmann of the uba agency, which markets the land program, was satisfied with the entire course of the festival: "There was always something going on in the evenings.“ The fact that the number of beds in Travemünde has increased in recent years has also had an effect here. It was annoying that a violent thunderstorm hit the TW on the first Saturday evening. And the fresh east wind the past few days has also limited the length of stay of some visitors. The fact that the weather had an influence on the different turnover of the stand operators is in the nature of things. Ice cream and cool drinks went very well in the heat wave at the beginning of the week, hot food a little less. "We offer a wide range of food and drinks. There is something for every taste," says Bergmann.

The guests also had a wide choice of music to choose from. "My personal highlight was Andreas Kümmert - really one of the best musicians we have in Germany. All in all, our expectations were exceeded," Bergmann reported. In terms of volume and length of the late acts, the organizers adhered to the agreed limits. The fact that sometimes the sound was carried far into Travemünde was also due to the east wind. Individual cases of noise nuisance were due to noisy night owls and boat owners. "But we had a Travemünde week of highest peace and quiet", said Bergmann. On Friday evening, however, some visitors were beating about the bush.

The parking and travel situation remains difficult at peak times. Then Travemünde is quickly filled. Many visitors had followed the advice on public transport, but then the trains from Lübeck were quickly overcrowded. "The infrastructure has some catching up to do. Travemünde Week can cope with more visitors, but the place is at its limits. If the bus and train traffic is increased in its capacities and frequencies, that would help a lot", says TW managing director Frank Schärffe. However, the willingness of motorists to take a short walk would also relax the situation. The additionally equipped parking lot Baggersand had free spaces at all times.

In terms of infrastructure, there will be further changes in the coming years. Frank Schärffe is therefore already looking ahead to the conversion of the Travepromenade, which is to begin after the TW. "We are very curious to see how this will affect us. For the time of the Travemünde Woche there will be a break in the construction work, but we have to wait and see what effect the temporary arrangement will have on the construction of the festival and the footpaths along the Trave." The TW organisers are also keeping an eye on the further development of the Priwall. "We would be delighted if we could talk about this," said Bergmann and Schärffe, adding: "Of course it is our goal to bring the guests of the Priwall to the Travemünder Woche on the Travemünde side as well. An efficient ferry service would be a prerequisite for this".


A look at the set-up of the TW land programme shows that some areas have established themselves as fixed points. The Sailor Village in front of the Regatta Centre with the Holsten Ankerplatz is an important location for linking sailing and festival. The prizegiving ceremonies in particular were staged solemnly and close to the audience. The Falkenthal Seafood offer next door was well received by the visitors and meets the wish for a maritime appearance. The Holsten Beach Area harmonized well with the three clubs. An intensive control at the entrances has led to a very peaceful atmosphere here. The forecourt was equipped with a powerful light pole, which made it possible to flood the zone with brightness if necessary.

The Stadtwerke Lübeck Festivalgarden offered a colourful mix for music lovers, but also for children with a changing programme. And this year's programme in the Gipsy Village was very successful, which in combination with the Weinkarée offered the Ü50 generation a successful meeting point. "We are delighted about that. Because we want our visitors to feel at home. That's why the decisive factor is not how many guests come, but rather how long they are there. Then you can see that they also enjoy it," says Bergmann.

Optical highlights remain the laser and pyro show at the "Passat", which had to get by without pyro elements because of the wind or the fully occupied "Passat". The high-altitude fireworks are to offer on Sunday evening (22.45 o'clock) the tendencyful conclusion of the 130. Travemünder Woche.



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