The “Lübeck Urban Art Festival” as a guest at the Travemünde Week 2024

The Lübeck Urban Art Festival is a guest at this year’s Travemünde Week, enriching the cultural programme with graffiti, tape art, dance performances and workshops on the Brügmanngarten beach promenade and at the cruise terminal.

International artists and the local urban art scene come together here: The Berlin collective TAPE THAT will create a large-scale design for the glass façade of the cruise terminal, and artists Rookie and Anna T-Iron will work on temporary wall installations. Sprayers Force, Face&Taker and Fabian Malchow from Lübeck will showcase their creative work.

The LUAF is looking forward to strengthening the cultural programme of Travemünde Week with this first-time participation and the involvement of many local players with top-class art and hands-on activities for the whole family. All under the motto: All you need is LUAF!


Temporary graffiti walls by
Anna T-Iron, Rookie, Tape That, Face&Taker, Force and Fabian Malchow

19-21 July, all day
Promenade at Brügmanngarten

The artist Rookie will create his distinctive characters, imaginative creatures and hybrid figures live and in the open air on three walls of a large triangular installation – right in front of your eyes, in the middle of the beach promenade. Rookie’s work is often coded and mysterious, characterised by bizarre and grotesque transitions between human or animal bodies and technical objects. Moving between design, illustration and graffiti, Rookie works in acrylic, oil, ink and spray paint.

Anna T-Iron
21-23 July, all day
Promenade at Brügmanngarten

Multidisciplinary artist Anna T-Iron will use cans and brushes to paint all three sides of a second large triangular structure in front of the promenade audience, transforming it into a unique object-like work of art. Her works often consist of unique collage-like combinations of dynamic lettering, plant motifs and abstract pictorial elements. Anna’s murals can now be found in urban landscapes around the world.

Tape that
22-25 July, all day
Cruise terminal, Ostpreußenkai, front row 44-45

Stephan Meissner of the Berlin-based collective TAPE THAT uses transparent adhesive film to create a large-scale, multi-coloured design on part of the glass cruise terminal, creating new perspectives and visual dynamics on the building. Shadows and reflections change according to the time of day and the incidence of light, so that the artwork appears in a constantly changing light and the façade of the terminal comes to life.

TAPE THAT is a collective of five artists formed in 2011. Inspired by the possibility of creating something new from an everyday object, they work primarily with tape as a medium. With roots in the urban art movement, their work ranges from complex and colourful tape and light installations to minimalist black and white murals. Their tape artworks can be found in underground nightclubs, abandoned buildings, exhibition spaces and galleries.

23-24 July, all day
Beach promenade at Brügmanngarten

Face&Taker are designing a four by four metre wall of the ‘LUAF Cube’, which will eventually provide an insight into the local scene. Fabian and Philip, aka Face and Taker, have been spraying together as a duo for several years and are known to many as SprayArtLuebeck (SAL). Their work can be found all over the city of Lübeck.

Fabian Malchow
24-25 July, all day
Promenade at Brügmanngarten

Lübeck-based sprayer and painter Fabian Malchow, who has his roots in graffiti, designs the second wall of the LUAF Cube and is an exciting example of the versatility of the local scene.

With his current work, Fabian Malchow wants to take up the working process of informal painting from the 1950s and 1960s. He applies layers of paint in a seemingly random and spontaneous manner. Randomness and immediacy of gesture are juxtaposed with deliberate colour placement and overpainting, effectively creating depth, contrast and complexity.

25-26 July, all day
Seafront at Brügmanngarten

FORCE will design another wall of the LUAF Cube, making this urban art object the perfect showcase for Lübeck’s contemporary street artists.

FORCE’s work has been part of the urban art scene for two decades. His work, often based on animals, usually captures fleeting moments that he stages for us to leave a lasting impression – most recently at LUAF 2023 with a gigantic collaborative work on several Brüggen warehouses in Glashüttenweg.

Each one teach one!
20.7, 15.00 – 19.00, beach promenade at Brügmanngarten
21 July, 10.00 – 14.00, beach promenade at Brügmanngarten
Max. 15 people, registration required:,
Participation is free, no previous experience necessary.

Benjamin Auch aka Stok La Rock is coming to Travemünde to teach you the basics of graffiti and to design the walls of the “LUAF Kubus”. From the simple pencil sketch to the finished work on the primed wall, you will learn from the pro about can handling, style writing, motif realisation, outlines, effects and much more.

Benjamin lives in Hamburg and has been working with graffiti since the early 90s. In 2003 he travelled to many countries, including India, Russia, Africa and Korea, where he gave workshops and spent two years in Los Angeles. It was there that he fell in love with abstract art and began to create his own work, which has been shown in many exhibitions.

You Tape It!
24 July, 19.00 – 21.00, beach promenade at Brügmanngarten
25 July, 19.00 – 21.00, Cruise Terminal, Ostpreußenkai, Vorderreihe 44-45
No registration, free to attend, no previous experience required.

Together we will create a large work of art on one of our mobile walls in the “LUAF Cube” using the everyday object of adhesive tape. In the workshop you will learn more about the art form TAPE ART and get to know the different styles and techniques.

They are supported by the professionals of the Berlin-based collective TAPE THAT, which has been using adhesive materials instead of conventional paint for wall and object decoration since 2011 and has already realised projects in more than 40 countries.

Let’s go back to the old school!
27 July, between 15.00 and 19.00, beach promenade near Brügmanngarten
28 July, 15.00, 15.30, 16.00, 17.30 and 18.00, beach promenade at Brügmanngarten

With a PVC floor rolled out and a drummer at their side, the B-girls and -boys of the Casa Crew show where it all began. Born in the Bronx, the dance has also made its way to the coast, where it will perform a high-energy street show at the Lübeck Urban Art Festival. Breaking at its best with athletic figures, fast footwork, power moves, freezes and stylish combinations.

The Lübeck Urban Art Festival is an event of the Hanseatic City of Lübeck.

Contact and further information:
Hanseatic City of Lübeck, Department of Culture
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