Festival News

A successful festival in difficult conditions

The weather was a crucial topic at the 128. Travemuende Week. The rainy summer 2017 with its storm fronts did intervene with the happening ashore and on the water. The weather had a deep impact on the number of visitors at the Travemuende Week. The good opening day was followed by a rainy Saturday. The low pressure system Alfred did hit even harder on Tuesday. Rain at first, then storm gusts from the East and finally danger of flooding did result in cancellations of the sailing program and the closure of the festival mile in the evening. The weather for the start of the second TW weekend was also not good, so that the Travemuende Week had to be satisfied with scarcely 700,000 visitors in the end. The changes in the concept of the festival were well in place during the course of the week and appealed to the visitors. And the race committee did manage an almost full program despite the challenging conditions.

Arts, concerts and food experience; sports, fun and shopping

More fresh, more delicate and individual: These are the attributes of the young festival concept for the Travemuende Week (21. until 30 July). The Bruegmanngarten is presenting itself with a completely new layout...